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Favored is she who relies on God.  She trusts without full understanding.  She expects His will to triumph.  Confident is she who knows the Lord. Read more
Photo of Keren Dibbens-Wyatt
We have put you on a pedestal, scattered petals at your marble feet. Entombed now in stone, once their warm flesh danced in Cana . . . Read more
Education polishes gems Even diamonds can be polished by knowledge liberally applied Read more
Your life will be my life, and my life yours. Your son will be my son, his Father my Father. Read more
I offer you the words I was offered/ in the Book we have both read. Read more
Read more
Without expression, endurance cannot be shared. Read more
A poem Read more
A poem of lament for women in the church. Read more
As yet, the halo has not been painted. / As yet, she is still a Semitic woman / with a dead Semitic son. And yet / the halo will shine no brighter than now, / barely reflecting off bitter tears Read more