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My roommate and I like to watch the TV show Friends. Correction—my roommate and I are addicted to the TV show Friends. All throughout college, our group of girlfriends had this show on loop. It was on in the background when we were doing homework, or studying for tests, or eating dinner, or getting ready for the day. It became a bonding experience, a shared moment. Read more
On July 6, 2003, Jane Randall Hess Clark, my wife of 46 years, died of a brain tumor, eleven months after diagnosis. She received the best medical treatment and home care therapies available. We had a Christ-honoring memorial service, planned by her in detail, that was attended by many of her large family, and conducted by her nephew. Read more
CBE: What kind of adoption have you chosen and why?  DesAnne & John: Adoption was our first choice for bringing children into our family. The decision to adopt our daughter Hannah from China was strongly influenced by John’s experience as a missionary in China as well as China’s reputation for having a stable adoption process. We also chose to adopt from China because so many little girls have been relinquished to orphanages and desperately need homes. Read more
David and Jeannette Scholer David and Jeannette Scholer adopted their daughter from Korea In 1972, my wife Jeannette and I began the process of adopting an international child (considered in those days “hard to place”). We worked through the Boston Children’s Society and Holt International. We had been married for 13 years by the time our baby girl arrived from Korea. Read more
I remember the day I learned the word birthfather.  I was 23 years old, sitting at a desk in a sterile office of the Sunny Ridge Adoption Agency. Florescent lights shone down on brochures with pictures of smiling families spread out on the tables. A woman pointed to the “X” on the document in front of me and said, “We’re so pleased to have a birthfather involved in the process.” She gave me a pen and my hand trembled as I signed my name.  Read more
When I was growing up in small towns in East Texas, I heard many a minister refer to some older man as his “father in the ministry.” It was only as I neared my own retirement that I realized that I had been blessed by having a “mother in the ministry.” If you can have a father, you can certainly have a mother! Read more
It was all I could do to keep from applauding as I sat in church last week listening to the pastor speak about submission: a characteristic of Christian life. My many amens were mostly “heard” by those who lip-read, though a few were audible enough to reach those sitting nearby. I was visiting this church for the first time, and did not want to disrupt what I perceived to be their decorum during the sermon. When I mentioned this to the pastor afterwards, he smiled and said, “We could have handled the clapping and amens!” Read more
In our younger years, marriage held great promise; the skies were blue, the sunsets golden. We had worked together to meld our individual strengths and weaknesses into a loving union, strong and secure. We were team members who were in love, who attended church every Sunday and who had never heard about how God wanted us to relate to one another in marriage. Nor could we see clouds looming on the horizon. Read more
Biblical egalitarians rightly argue that the Bible does not support the perpetual and cross-cultural priority of men over women in the home, the church, or society. Biblical scholars, theologians, social scientists, philosophers, and others have given a solid defense, or apologetic, to this end. However, there is another apologetic mission that egalitarians are in a unique and opportune position to fulfill. This involves presenting the message of biblical equality to the unbelieving world in a persuasive manner, thus winning to Christ people who might never be touched by traditionalist approaches. Read more
Why aren’t all Christians egalitarian? After all, the teachings of the Bible have been with us for 2000 years, though they’ve been badly misinterpreted. For more than thirteen years, the CBE community has distributed scriptural materials on the equality of women and men through our book service, web site, conferences and chapter events. Still, many Christians do not accept the message of biblical equality. Why not? Read more