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Gretchen G. Hull was instrumental in the founding of CBE. A woman with few equals, she was a gifted mathematician, pianist, author, editor, philosopher, and church leader. One of CBE’s founders, as well as a board member and early pioneering editor of Priscilla Papers, Gretchen was brilliant, gutsy, and never afraid to speak out.  Read more
We are very pleased to publish this expanded edition of Priscilla Papers in celebration of the journal’s twentieth anniversary. During the last twenty years, its biblical scholarship on equality in the church, home, and world has reached hundreds of college and seminary libraries and the homes of thousands of lay people, pastors, and ministry leaders around the world. Read more
The CBE community showed great courage and faithfulness in 2001! Despite the enormous challenges of a slowing economy, events of September 11 and an ambitious budget, every branch of the ministry grew. We attribute our massive success to God’s faithfulness, your partnership, a new strategic plan and the dedicated CBE staff. Let’s bask in our success of 2001 before asking, “Where shall we go from here?” Read more
Do you long to make a difference for Christ? Are you passionate about Jesus and his work in this world? Do you long to see wrongs righted, injustices redressed, and the gospel lifted high? Do you believe that God’s Spirit works through Scripture to shape our lives and our work? These were the questions addressed at CBE’s recent conference in Denver—“Seeking Justice and Loving Mercy.” Read more
CBE participates in "Global Voices" conference hosted by Global Women “The poorest of the poor are almost always women,” said Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of CBE, “and I was deeply impressed by the commitment of Global Women to bring the Gospel and social justice to these women.” Read more
Christians for Biblical Equality hosted a booth and a community dinner at the 2006 Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 15–17. Read more
Who gets to be a human being in our day and age? This may seem like a silly question because the answer is so obvious—everyone! But we don’t have to go back too far in history to see that perfectly rational people have considered others less than fully human on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, or social status.  Read more
Luke’s gospel is addressed to “most excellent Theophilus” (Luke 1:3). The name Theophilus means “lover of God.” Many theories have been proposed, but no one knows for sure who this person is. Some have suggested Theophilus isn’t a specific person, but rather that the name refers to anyone who loves God. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus singled out several women who fit this description and who serve as examples of what it means to follow Jesus. Read more
At the beginning of 1981, I became invisible. The occasion for this strange phenomenon was my return to New Zealand, with four young daughters, after the death of my husband when we were missionaries in Nepal. Read more