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Tell her, Jesus — Tell her to get a move on. She’s sitting so indifferently — Oblivious to all the Woman’s work That needs completing. Read more
From Jacob’s well outside of Sychar there is a beautiful view of Mt. Gerizim—the mountain on which God proclaimed a blessing in Deuteronomy 11, and on which my people, the Samaritans, worshipped Jehovah in ages past, and long to do so again. Both Jacob and his father Isaac met their wives at wells, so I’d always known that wells could be a significant meeting place. But I never dreamed that a conversation with a stranger at the well of Jacob would change my life, and the lives of many others in my town. Read more
Won’t you walk in the Garden with me, And see me as Christ would see? With me loving you and you loving me, Won’t you walk in the Garden with me? Read more
At my bedroom door an unarmed guardstands statue-straight—a nightlightonce Christmas-wrapped in Mother's love. Read more
Rendered invisible it has happened just too many times times two squared and more. Even worse is being rendered visible but not really important. Your voice is not really that important they say. It doesn’t have the right credentials, Many books behind you ... a following... or enough degrees, or how could you really have something to say when you spend many of your days doing laundry, wiping noses, changing diapers, raising living human beings, instead of just words on a page. Living words are not regarded with the same care. Read more
My Dear Cohorts: The urgency of the occasion dictates the unprecedented action on my part of corresponding personally with all of you. Suffice it to say I would not interrupt your fiendish schedules were the matter not of utmost importance. I am deeply distressed with a new tactic the Enemy seems to be employing. Surely each one of you has admired my optimism through the centuries concerning our eventual overthrow of the Righteous. Indeed, as one reviews the rampant lapse in moral fiber throughout all the world in just the last earthlings’ generation, we all have cause for gleeful gloating! Read more
Oh what my children of my youth Will my Jesus do for you? Will He take you to the mountain tops? Will He bring you to the sea? My Lord he'll show you His Great Love That He has given me Read more
When the star in the sky is goneWhen the kings and the princes are homeWhen the shepherds are back with their flocksThe work of Christmas begins— Read more
They came from all over—      Bahrain, Turkey, Rome: A little band of women      with hope all their own To learn and to study,      To become stronger in their faith To encourage one another      In the footsteps of the saints. Read more
We are equal, this we know, For the Bible tells us so. Jew and Greek to God belong; Racial barriers are all wrong. Chorus: Lord, we are equal, Lord, we are equal, Lord, we are equal, Because you made us so. Read more