Saving Women from the Church: How Jesus Mends a Divide

by Susan McLeod-Harrison | February 19, 2008

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Publisher's Description:

In the heart's deep places many women share the same questions: Am I respected and loved by God the way I would be if I were male? Can I be myself in the church? Is it okay to be strong and use my leadership gifts? 

Creatively matching stories of contemporary women and biblical stories of the interactions between Jesus and women, Susan McLeod-Harrison exposes the cultural biases of Jesus' day that created a divide between women and men. And she shows Jesus' response: he shunned cultural or religious expectations when they denigrated or limited women, and acknowledged the full humanity and dignity of women. 

Straightforward, unapologetic, and engaging, Saving Women from the Church shows how Jesus offers hope and healing to women who have been alienated, wounded, controlled, or troubled by the church. This book will improve your vision of the full image of God in women. 

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Barclay Press

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