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Preserving the Trinity

by CBE International | November 01, 2016

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In CBE's journal developed for the Evangelical Theological Society's 2016 annual meeting, authors weigh in on the debate over whether the Son is permanently subordinate to the Father within the Trinity, and on the implications of this view on other theological matters:

"On Earth as in Heaven," by Mimi Haddad

"Trinity, Gender, and the Ordination of Women: How Complementarians Should Not Argue for Their Position," by John Jefferson Davis

"Crumbling Cathedrals of the Mind: How Eternal Functional Subordination Undermines Transactional Atonement Theory," by D. Glenn Butner

"An Extended Review of One God in Three Persons: Unity of Essence, Distinction of Persons, Implications for Life," by Kevin Giles

"One Essence, One Goodness, One Power," by Nancy Hedberg

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