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One Image, One Purpose, One Baptism

by CBE International | January 01, 2014

Publisher's Description:

Geared toward a Lutheran audience, this journal affirms the notion that male and female are made in one image, for one purpose, and brought together in Christ through one baptism and asks the question “what does this mean?” In doing so, it explores the Bible’s rich truths on women, presenting a coherent picture that supports the equal partnership of men and women in ministry and the home. 

"One Image, One Purpose, One Baptism," by J.W. Wartick

"Thinking through the Paradigms: Woman and Man in God’s Creation," by Elizabeth A. Goodine

"Correcting Caricatures: The Biblical Teaching on Women," by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

"Exegetical Fallacies in Interpreting 1 Timothy 2:11-15," by Linda Belleville

"A Meta-Study of the Debate over the Meaning of 'Head' (Kephalē) in Paul’s Writings," by Alan F. Johnson

"On the Compatibility of Ontological Equality, Hierarchy, and Functional Distinctions," by Alan Myatt

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