Men are from Israel, Women are from Moab: Insights About the Sexes from the Book of Ruth

by Norm Wakefield, Jody Brolsma | July 31, 2000

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Publisher's Description:

Millions of books have been sold that describe how men and women are fundamentally different. It's no wonder we expect the sexes can't get along. But does it really have to be that way? This book focuses on the things that bring us together. Offering a bright and fresh perspective on an old debate, Men Are from Israel, Women Are from Moab can make a difference in our expectations—and our experience—of relationships with the opposite sex. Coauthors Norm Wakefield and Judy Brolsma glean insights from one of the most positive and wholesome male-female relationships described in the Bible. In Boaz (a landowner from Israel) and Ruth (a refugee from Moab) we find down-to-earth examples of: wisdom, godliness, submission, gentleness, humility, and strength.

Together they show it is possible for men and women to build each other up rather than focusing on each other's flaws. Men Are from Israel, Women Are from Moab can help anyone who wants to learn how to form healthy relationships with coworkers, friends and even spouses!

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