Junia Is Not Alone

by Scot McKnight | November 30, 2011

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Publisher's Description:

In this fierce essay, leading Bible scholar Scot McKnight tells the story of Junia, a female apostle honored by Paul in his letter to the Romans—and then silenced and forgotten for most of church history. But Junia’s tragedy is not hers alone. She’s joined by fellow women in the Bible whose stories of bold leadership have been overlooked. She’s in the company of visionary women of God throughout the centuries whose names we’ve forgotten, whose stories go untold, and whose witness we neglect to celebrate. 

But Junia is also joined by women today—women who are no longer silent and who are experiencing a re-voicing as they respond to God’s call to lead us into all truth. 

McKnight, the author of over 30 books and the blogger and curator of the blog Jesus Creed, is a trusted, authoritative, and accessible voice on the Bible and theology. Junia Is Not Alone is a must-read for longtime followers, a valuable introduction for new readers, and a necessary call to awareness and action for the entire church.

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Patheos Press

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