The Journey Back to Eden

by Glen G. Scorgie | October 09, 2005

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Publisher's Description:

Men, women, and equality: where is the Bible pointing us?

Join the journey through the pages of Scripture and across history to see the trajectory of the Spirit. Can it be that he is taking the church back to personal wholeness and relational harmony that have eluded men and women since the fall in the garden?

Based on a high view of Scripture, this fresh look at the biblical landscape corrects misunderstandings of biblical statements on gender, demonstrates that some texts applied only to the unique historical situations they addressed, and discerns the overall direction that the Holy Spirit is taking, calling the church to embrace a vision of gender equality, freedom, and mutuality.

Written in an accessible style, The Journey Back to Eden offers hope and encouragement to men and women who are perplexed by gender stereotypes. The book includes questions for individual reflection or group discussion.

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