Gender, Power, and Persuasion: The Genesis Narratives and Contemporary Portraits

by Mignon R. Jacobs | July 31, 2007
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Publisher's Description:

Gender, Power, and Persuasion peels away centuries-old misconceptions about biblical narratives that have been used to perpetuate gender roles, reinforce biases, and wield power. Probing the dynamics between God and humans and between the genders in the book of Genesis, this thoughtful work provides a new understanding of relational and functional types of power and the strategies of persuasion. Helpful tables and the inclusion of nuances in the Hebrew language further clarify the complex interrelationships underlying key communications and actions. Mignon R. Jacobs's philosophical approach raises pertinent questions and suggests conclusions that sometimes surprise and always intrigue. This book will stimulate the scholar, inform the church leader, and deepen the knowledge of the serious Christian reader.