95 More for the Door: A Layperson's Biblical Guide to Today's Gender Reformation

by Austin H. Stouffer | February 26, 2008

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After observing four decades of gender inequality in prison work, marriage counseling, seminary classrooms, and pulpit ministry, Austin Stouffer is more convinced than ever that an objective, compassionate understanding of biblical truth comes down solidly on the side of absolute equality for men and women in church, home, or workplace. Hitchhiking on Martin Luther's idea of ninety-five thesis statements (but not his views on women!), Stouffer has carefully combed through the Bible and developed 95 short chapters on passages from Genesis to Revelation that cry out for a NEW REFORMATION of gender-equal interpretation. Like Luther, some current theologians will still disagree, but others will joyfully welcome these easy-to-read, solid biblical explanations as a breath of fresh air!

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