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This recording explores current research on gender differences in achievement motivation and draws implications from this research to the manner in which men and women find their place of service within the church.
Examines practical approaches to systemically reverse the historical trend of sexism in the church.
This lecture will utilize Scripture to explore effective tools for bringing about positive change in the church, identify major obstacles to changing attitudes, and address ways to avoid burn-out on the long road to transformation and renewal
Each pastor faces unique challenges in fostering communities where God's gifting in men and women can flourish.
What are ways for women of color to engage their churches in meaningful conversation about gender equality? As many churches in immigrant communities and communities of color are struggling under injustices, women of color must work to carve out their own safe spaces for dealing with their marginalization inside and out of the church
From John Thompson. It is often supposed that traditional exegesis has been unremittingly patriarchal and therefore unfriendly to women's dignity, their mistreatment and marginalization, and their contributions to Christian ministry. This lecture covers an array of exegetical views expressed by Christian commentators of the ancient, medieval, and Reformation eras, and how their perspectives and concerns can be surprisingly similar to the concerns of feminist and womanist critics today.
Tim Krueger
The written word has long been a key player in advocacy. This has not changed, though the writing and publishing landscape has. This panel explores how egalitarian writers can effect change in a world saturated with content creators.
The Gospel of John contains some unique and well-known stories about women. Two features distinguish women in John. 1) they serve in the key Johannine role as witnesses 2) they are the recipients of some of Jesus' most important self-disclosures.
As God makes our ministries anew, it can be hard for women to navigate the gap between the here and not yet of gender equality in ministry. How do women practice self-care and how do we teach fellow ministry leaders to lean into the gap of support of women? The diversity of women and our experiences will be explored in this lecture.
What does it mean to become one in Christ? We will explore God's design for men and women from the original creation to the new creation to discover the mutuality he intends for us as Christ's church.