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How do we read and apply the Bible when we come to it with different assumptions than the ones that were current at the time it was written? Sometimes our assumptions need to be reworked, but sometimes our assumptions, such as the inherent equality, dignity, worth, and capability of men and women, are more in step with the gospel than those of the first century Roman world. This recording digs into the most important texts for understanding the ancient assumptions, shows how those assumptions at times influence how New Testament writers speak about gender, and develops some interpretive practices that can help the church embody the equality that is ours in Christ rather than allowing ancient values about gender to have the last word.
How can you make effective, systemic change without getting burned out? What makes a CBE chapter influential and enduring? In this session, we’ll discuss the basics of strategic planning, including key aspects of leadership development and how to perform a SWOT analysis. We’ll also cover requirements for CBE chapters and helpful suggestions for making your chapter grow and thrive. If you are a chapter leader, are looking to start a chapter, or want to create systemic change in the way your church or community addresses gender, this workshop is especially for you.
The most important indicator of whether a female will be sold to a brother, killed as a fetus, abused in her marriage or family, or denied a place of shared decision making in her community or marriage, is not determined by gender, but on the value we place on females. This lecture explores how our reading of Scripture on gender creates a worldview with enormous consequences for females, especially in patriarchal cultures.
Does the idea that men are given leadership over the home or church really mean that men are better? In the ancient world, there was simple answer to this question: Yes. The rule of men, “patriarchy,” was developed in a world where men were seen as superior in those things required for good leadership: gifting, competence, rationality, vision, and strength. We will see how this idea permeated the Roman world—even the Jewish world that the New Testament writers inhabited. The ancient context sheds light on numerous New Testament passages, and also reinforces the importance of looking to our equality in Christ and the gifting of the Spirit as the standards for determining someone’s fitness to lead in the church.      
Short talks on: Gender Justice: Challenges and Responses - Daniel Fan No Woman or Girl Left Behind - Lily Lee Challenges Faced in Preaching Biblical Equality in Africa - Domnic Misolo 50 Shades of Deception - Kristyn Komarnicki and Lisa L. Thompson Rethinking Power - Marie Mona Duplessy Beausejour, Petit-Frere Christ-Roy, and Sara Siebert  
Children around the world are at risk from various forms of life-threatening situations. They face many adversities in diverse contexts including wars, famine and disease. However, there is one threat to child well-being that remains constant in all global contexts: the presence of gender-based violence.