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In this workshop, Medad will be dealing with the deep rooted lies that have been planted and nurtured in the minds of many people in the African society for many generations that have led to the dehumanization of the female nature of being. Generational lies such as female genital mutilation, bride price, patriarchy, widow cleansing, widow inheritance, gender taboos, weaker sex ideology, male headship, submissiveness, property inheritance, polygamy, barrenness, single sex female philosophy, beast of burden ideology, promotion ideology, original sin legends, blame ideology, and other ideas that have brought injustice to women in Africa will be unearthed and how these ideas have had disastrous consequences on the African society and how they have affected African development. This workshop will suggest ways to demolish these disastrous ideas and how to promote justice in the African communities.
Domnic Misolo
Rev. Domnic Misolo is the founder and executive director of Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education International (EFOGE), a non-profit organization in Kenya championing biblical equality, gender justice, and empowerment for women. Misolo is an ordained priest in the Anglican church of Kenya in the diocese of Bondo.
Masculine language permeates many worship experiences; in hymns, in liturgy, and even in Scripture. This lecture seeks to identify a balance: Concerning exclusive language, how much is too much? Concerning inclusive language, how far is too far? The recording also gives practical guidance on incorporating gender-inclusive language into corporate worship experiences.
Though gender equality has taken gigantic strides inside and outside of the churches in the past decades, there are yet increasingly many, many horrid stories of women and girls whose lives are severely broken by extreme abuses and exploitations beyond description.
This session addresses these basic questions: What are we actually doing when we read Scripture and/or accept the interpretations of Scripture from others? How can the study of literature and critical literary approaches help support or inform the way we read Scripture? How does the way we read Scripture shape our views about gender roles and gender equity?  
How can you make effective, systemic change without getting burned out? What makes a CBE chapter influential and enduring? In this session, we’ll discuss the basics of strategic planning, including key aspects of leadership development and how to perform a SWOT analysis. We’ll also cover requirements for CBE chapters and helpful suggestions for making your chapter grow and thrive. If you are a chapter leader, are looking to start a chapter, or want to create systemic change in the way your church or community addresses gender, this workshop is especially for you.