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Lynne Ellis
Panelists include: Lynne Ellis, W. Tali Hairston, Allyson Jule, Emily Rice, and Evelia Naranjo.  What are the biblical and global ramifications of hierarchical attitudes? First, this discussion examines the manifestations of sex, power, and prejudice and the ways they influence gender, ethnicity, and theology. Secondly, the panelists examine how to move forward as effective change agents.
Kristyn Komarnicki
Lies, lies, and more lies. What the culture (led more by the pornography industry than we might ever suspect) tells us about sex, its content, purpose, and goal couldn't be further from what God created it to be. We will provide a brief overview of pornography, its impact on the broader culture, its false messages and its consequences for all of us.
Susan Freund Dutton
This workshop examines profound changes occurring in the social order today, and rediscovers how God's design for mutuality in marriage addresses the needs arising from this change. Learn how the church can lead the way to recovery!
This lecture examines the use of gender-oriented language in the history of the English Bible, emphasizing the clarification of women in leadership roles and full participation in the community of faith.