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At times we enter a room and instinctively know if we are in a safe environment or not. The body senses and discerns its "place" in a group. The group excludes or includes automatically with little debate. This lecture describes what our senses discern and suggests ways for managing ourselves in physical space so as to create a hospitable environment where all are treated with dignity and respect.
This lecture explores the exegetical case for justice in the standing of man and woman. It also considers and answers the primary objections to the equal standing of man and woman in ministry and in marriage.
Two leaders of a pre-ministerial initiative for college students reveal how their theology of male/female shared leadership shapes their and students visions for ministry. Drawing on theological insights from Genesis and personal experience, they offer a practical theology for ministry leaders serving in Gods image.
Christine Colon
We explore the difficulties that Christian singles often have integrating into their local churches and discuss the dangers that this poses not only for singles but also for the church as a whole. We then discuss the theological significance of singleness and examine the unique truths that celibacy teaches us about God. Building upon this discussion, we explore what singles, married couples, and church leadership can do to build a community where everyone is valued and encouraged to serve God with the gifts that he has given them: a community that not only will provide love and support to its members but also will be a witness to the secular world as it displays the power of God’s love that transcends family connections.
Susan Freund Dutton
This recording examines the traditional rabbinic teachings on the Genesis narrative and traces their connection to Pauline thinking and the teachings of Jesus. Enlarge your vision for the blessing and sanctity of marriage!
Male and female are created in the image of God. As such, they are called to image, reflect, and embody the character of God. In the prophetic literature, we discover a God who desires, above all, justice within human relationships. Justice is present when men and women, wives and husbands, structure their relationships in home, church, and society in keeping with the divine intention for mutuality in the male-female relationship.
Some biblical passages are difficult enough that even seasoned interpreters do not insist that their interpretation is correct. 1 Timothy 2:15, with its comment about women being saved through childbearing, is among these notoriously difficult passages. Nevertheless, this lecture surveys a few good theories about the meaning of 1 Timothy 2:15. More importantly, however, this verse serves as a humbling reminder of the vast cultural and chronological gap between the first and twenty-first centuries. Finally, it will be argued that the prior verse (1 Timothy 2:14) is just as difficult, and interpreters therefore should not demand that 2:14 be the guiding light to chapter two.
Christine Colon
This conversation begins by exploring the problematic messages that Christian singles receive both from the secular world and from the church community that make it difficult to live appropriately as sexual beings created by God who have chosen to remain celibate outside of marriage. We then turn to Scripture, church history, and contemporary Christian thought to reveal a more positive view of celibacy that embraces singles as sexual beings while supporting their choice to avoid sexual activity. Rather than viewing celibacy as a special state of grace reserved only for those who have a particular vocation, or seeing it as an unnatural repression of sexual desire, we will explore what celibate sexuality might look like and discuss why God calls us to live celibate lives outside of marriage.
Most Christians do not hesitate to call God "father," "brother," and "comforter," yet there are those among us who struggle in shame, trying to comprehend these terms as "safe." As children who were molested by a trusted family member or friend, their understanding of God has been negatively impacted. This recording assists those who care for the female incest survivor to understand how sexual abuse, most specifically incest, can affect her image of God, and how to help restore what was unjustly stolen from her.
This lecture presents a succinct overview of biblical equality. Pierce reviews methodology, foundational texts, and the common verses used to limit women in ministry and marriage.