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Jim and Rhonda Walton
Using a case study method, we will explore the concepts of biblical equality as key variables influencing the Christian community’s response to healthcare inequities , both local and international. We will discuss the principle of “divine image bearing” and its interface with the traditional model of healthcare delivery in general, and more specifically, as part of a medical mission effort.
Biblical teachings on creation, redemption, and new creation assume an “ecological” understanding that all aspects of God’s redemptive purpose are organically interconnected. This perspective, including viewing the church as an organic community, helps us see how practices of gender equality and creation care reinforce each other.
Jeanette Yep
How do I handle what looks like “incorrect” roles for men, women and children, when I am crossing cultures for Christ? Do I work for change? Do I remain silent? Moving across cultures can bring clarity to your own identity and culture(s) of origin. It can also spark an array of feelings and thoughts—“things are sure done differently around here!” Together, we’ll think about what it means to “become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” (St. Paul in I Corinthians). Come share your experiences and ideas. We’ll form a learning community and reason together about this complex cultural tension in the global mission of the church.