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Looking for academia? Choose another workshop! This light-hearted but highly informative PowerPoint presentation will have you laughing all the way home, but will also equip you to introduce your church to a biblical basis for gender equality through the use of humor. Side-splitting cartoons are interspersed with down-to-earth explanations of what God (and Paul) really intended.
Jane Overstreet
When believers model the truth of God’s Kingdom, people cannot help but be attracted. When we have any fundamental issue out of balance,, such as how men and women are intended by God to relate to one another, we reflect fallen culture rather than the culture of God’s Kingdom. This results in confusion for those seeking God and risks turning away true seekers rather than drawing them into God’s healing embrace.
Egalitarian marriage is a marriage without any hierarchy. Theoretically, everything operates on an equal plane. Tasks and responsibilities are equally shared. We believe that full partnership in marriage is the most biblical view, producing the most intimate, wholesome, and mutually fulfilling marriages. This workshop examines the practical aspects of living out the egalitarian vision. It examines how a husband and wife must work cooperatively to enjoy a healthy, holy, and happy life together. This workshop is most applicable for marriage relationships and ministry practitioners.
Pope John Paul II called himself a "feminist!" Because the Catholic Church excludes women from ordination to the priesthood we may think the Catholic Church also teaches the permanent subordination of women. This is not the case. Pope John Paul II overturned centuries of exegetical tradition ruling authoritatively that women were not subordinated before the fall and that Christians should oppose discrimination against women in all spheres of life. The way the Pope has prescribed that the scriptures should be read in regard to women is virtually identical to that developed by egalitarian evangelicals. We now have 450 million more supporters!
In 1989, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) used the phrase “best interest(s) of the child” five times in its forty articles. Christian scholars not only question the reduction of parental guidance this phrase may inspire, but others have also pondered the difference between “best interest” and “best love” in nurturing children. Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen—a leading Christian psychologist—will examine how theological traditions have affirmed not only the autonomy, or “sovereignty,” of individuals, but also social institutions, including the family. Mary will also propose a “third way” between the extremes of cultural relativism and biological determinism in Christian families.
Tracing the significant role women have played in missions from the beginnings of the modern missions movement in the eighteenth century to today, this session will focus on Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf and his movement known as The Moravian Brethren that took the gospel to every inhabited continent of his day. Zinzendorf’s perspective on the role of women in missions, along with his ordination of women to the ministry was far ahead of his time and paved the way for the significant influence women have had in missions in the past three centuries.
The church’s outreach to the world is enhanced when the gifts given to all God’s people, including laity, women and youth, are affirmed and utilized. Ministry needs to be based on gifting not gender, on witnessing not categories, on biblical teaching not status. When gifting is denied because of gender, status, or age, kingdom ministry is diminished.
Chad and Leslie
India and China have some of the fastest growing churches in the world. Examine the evidence: how is God using men and women together in the gospel among the least reached areas of the world? This session will give examples and illustrations of movements taking place in the global church as both males and females are released.