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This general session will take a candid look at Wurzbacher’s experience as a Christian woman in business. For the last 23 years she has worked for Coca-Cola and risen to the role of senior vice president of global accounts. During her transition from teaching to business, and her work at Coca-Cola, Wurzbacher found few female peers and role models, especially Christian women. This session focuses on the importance of Christian women leaders in business and in the church.
The growth of the African church necessitates team leadership which includes men and women working together in evangelism, discipleship, community transformation, socio-economic development, and advocacy.
William J. Webb
Listening to the redemptive spirit even within Scripture’s difficult slavery texts is essential for Christians who want to live out a faith that unfolds the fullness of Christ in our world. This general session will develop “movement meaning” within the text of Scripture and, in particular, within the slavery texts and then draw parallels to the egalitarian movement.
This session features the fascinating stories of three missionaries to Africa: Anne Marie Javouhey (a French Catholic nun, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph), Eliza Davis George (a black woman from Texas and founder of the Elizabeth Native Interior Mission), and Maude Cary (a Kansas farm girl with a “call” to bring the gospel to Muslims in Morocco)—all facing gender discrimination and all responding in very different ways.
Ellen Duffield
Power has become a negative word in many circles; it’s time to take a fresh look. This workshop will address issues surrounding biblical ideas of power. Together we will explore stages of personal and organizational power and how to move through them with humility and purpose.
“Divorce is not the enemy; abuse is not the enemy. Dead marital relationships are the enemy,” says marriage and family therapist Terry Hargrave, recently hired by Fuller. How do we revive the relationship, the “oneness,” the “we” in marriage? How do we nurture “we” without losing “me?” What about power, mutual submission, and transformation in marriage? How do we move beyond focusing solely on our marriages and our kids and participate in missions to the larger world? We will explore the legacy of one biblical multi-generational family to address this last question. The workshop is geared not only toward those anticipating marriage, but also to those of any age ready to take a fresh look at their marriages, mentors interested in nurturing younger marriages, and anyone needing an encouraging reminder that, single or married, God has a fulfilling mission for each one of us.
Ron Sider
This workshop will explore the nature of justice and evangelism, develop biblical/theological foundations for their importance and offer illustrations of how they work together.
Historians characterize evangelicals of the 1800s by their commitment to and passion for Scripture, evangelism, missions, and social action (suffrage, abolition, and women’s leadership in the church). Through their dedication to these ideals, the early evangelicals made significant contributions to missions and the emancipation of slaves, and they also offered a comprehensive biblical foundation for the gospel-service of women. This lecture will explore their leaders, their biblical scholarship, their accomplishments on the mission field, and their work as abolitionists and emancipators of women’s gospel leadership.