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One Body, Many Gifts
The book of Galatians reminds us we are called to be free, and to use that freedom to serve in love. 
Was C. S. Lewis a misogynist? The answer depends on which point in his life you choose to examine. Until fairly late in life, Lewis’ view of gender relations was more influenced by his attraction to classical Greek philosophy, Pagan myth and Jungian psychology than by ‘mere’ Christianity. However, with his late acquaintance and marriage to the gifted American writer Joy Davidman, this began to change, as can be seen in his last (but least-read) works, The Discarded Image, Till We Have Faces, and A Grief Observed.
Plurality and Patterns of Equality in Paul
Betsy Glanville
Learn to develop all who God has made you to be—your natural abilities, your acquired skills, and your spiritual gifts. This workshop explores how these are all meant to work together and prepare you for ministry in the Body of Christ.
The African Women's Struggle: A Personal Journey from the Congo to America 
Woman in India: Her Choices, Struggles, and Destinations
This workshop explores the defnition of human traficking, the harms of sexual exploitation, and how the church can respond. 
Joseph B. Modica
There's Something About Mary (The Mother of Jesus): From Magnificat to Model Disciple
"Eve" Becomes Mother: Childbirth as a Positive Spiritual Event