Women's History Month: Amani Mustafa

by Lexi Friesen | March 18, 2015

Amani Mustafa, a former Muslim, has spent much of her life on the run, facing abuse and neglect, all the while remaining faithful to God. As a teenager, her mom secretly became a Christian while living in a Muslim community in Egypt. Appalled by her mother’s decision, Amani looked for ways to contradict her mother’s newfound faith. Instead, her eyes were opened to the truth of God’s love. She, too, became a Christian.

The community she lived in soon found out about her mother’s faith and forced her to flee, but she was unable to take Amani with her. A short time later Amani’s father found her reading a Bible in private and he became abusive and threatening towards her. Because of this, Amani ran away for several years. Upon returning to the community, she was forced to marry a Muslim man.

At first, her husband was sympathetic and allowed her to continue practicing Christianity, but his attitude changed when they began to have children. Several years after giving birth to their second child, Amani and her husband made the decision to move to the United States. Their plan was that she and the children would go first, and he would join them as soon as possible. When Amani recalled taking her veil off for the first time after the plane began to fly away from Egypt, she said the act scared her son as he only knew Muslim practices and what the Koran taught. In the first of many conversations amongst their family members about Christianity, Amani explained why she no longer needed to wear the veil. Knowing it was dangerous to stay married to her husband, Amani filed for a divorce as soon as she arrived in the United States. This made her husband furious and even from miles away, he and his brother began persecuting her. This continued for the next ten years.

Today, Amani and her children are no longer in hiding. She serves in various ministries, reaching out to women who are facing similar situations as she did. She hosts a television show, The Muslim Women, with other former Muslims to be an encouragement and to share her testimony. Both her son and daughter are involved in ministry now as adults. Amani remarried a Christian man and together they have one daughter.