Is a Woman's Value Based On the Shape of Her Body?

by JL P | August 14, 2007

Is a woman’s value based on the shape of her body? How many of us were influenced through our culture to believe that the most important thing about being a woman was her visual appeal to men?

In my case, my family was very good in the way it valued women. My father didn’t look at other women, even though my mother was overweight. There were no suggestive magazines around. But even though my home environment was positive, the overall culture emphasized that what was most important about a woman was the shape of her body. Women who dressed suggestively were praised and favored by men. They were celebrated by the culture. I found myself tempted to dress in a manner that emphasized my body. Thankfully, between my home environment and my Christian faith I was able to resist the temptation and never acted on it.

Through the grace of God I no longer have this temptation. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, I do. But, I no longer see the shape of my body as being important.

How seriously are women being deceived by our culture into believing our value is based on the shape of our body, with those women with more curvy features being considered more valuable than women with less curvy features? I know it affected me as evidenced by the years it took for me to lose the desire to dress suggestively.

How has it affected your life?