Welcome To Arise!

by Mimi Haddad | March 31, 2014

Welcome to Arise, CBE’s newest source of weekly inspiration. What better time to launch Arise than during Easter week, as we celebrate Christ’s victory over sin! As followers of Jesus let’s arise together in bringing encouragement and hope to one another.

The American evangelist, Sojourner Truth, offered words of hope when she said that she was never frightened in the midst of her opponents because, “Truth is powerful and will prevail. Truth is powerful and will prevail!” Peter Furler, the lead singer of the Newsboys expressed an unshakable confidence in God’s truth in a recent interview with CBE editors when he spoke the encouragement, “Anything that God is behind, no one can stop!”

As we celebrate the truth of our Risen Lord, we embrace a new confidence that the good work of gender reform, launched by God at Pentecost, will grow in momentum and influence until every gift God has given women will find useful employment and welcoming faith communities.

Join CBE's community as together we celebrate together:

- Our Risen Lord this week!

- The four organizations that made significant strides in embracing biblical equality last year

- The many new individuals who joined CBE this year

- Those who received great encouragement at the conference in India

- Those who will attend and participate in our conference this summer in Colorado

Do let us know how we can pray for you. We delight in remembering the needs of our colleagues and friends and bringing them before the One who gives us eternal hope.

He is Risen!