Pass the Pompoms!

by H. Edgar Hix | January 23, 2011

Come January, I always need a pep talk. Up here in Minnesota, it’s cold, generally gray, and mainly miserable.
So, let me offer a brief pep talk about our movement toward Biblical equality and use of gifts. This is really important stuff. It’s dynamite and there are walls to bring down. More accurately, it’s tools and there are walls to bring down. They rarely just go boom and down they come.
We need to press on because it’s our duty to God. God tells us clearly in Scripture how we Christians are to interact with each other within the Church and outside it. We’re not doing it. Our Godly duty is to be Godly. Each and every one of us, not just the leadership, need to be treating all races, both genders, all income brackets and social groups as equal, compatible, valuable and resources to further God’s kingdom. The Church is running a three legged race instead of a dash because we’re in ancient bags of pride and poor scholarship.
We need to press on because it’s in our own best interests. Almost everyone is in a minority of some type. So, odds are your minority status is impacting what you’re being allowed to do with the gifts God has given you. (The group “women” is, interestingly, a majority, especially of members in local churches, that is treated as a minority when it comes to service opportunities.)
We need to press on for the Church and local churches. It’s often like they’re a company where half the employees (or more!) aren’t allowed to put in a full day or, in some ways, to work at all! Such a business would fail, and local churches are often doing the same because, while God gives us the help we need, we’re refusing to use it! God gives his Body all necessary parts, but we’re ill from not using those parts. If you quit using half your muscles, your health goes way down.
Finally, we need to press on for our families. Spouses need to know they can rely on each other; each working equally and jointly to make that special relationship work. Children need to grow up in a home and church that recognizes all humans as equally loved by God and equally important to God. And let’s not forget our elderly. They too need to know they are an important part of God’s work and God’s world. This needs to be demonstrated by mutual submission and encouragement with those older than others. (my own gray hairs are speaking here.)
So, while no one would want to see me in a cheerleader’s costume (of either gender!), let me shake my pompoms for you and yell “Go Team!”

" God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?" Psalm 56:4b NIV