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Ordinary People Overcoming Extraordinary Giants

by Mimi Haddad | December 05, 2003

CBE has recently become the subject of unexpected news coverage. Our ministry has been featured in publications such as the Christian Science Monitor, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Associated Baptist Press. That these stories have led to numerous radio shows is both exciting, and somewhat curious. Why are the leaders of religious news so interested in CBE?

As one reporter and I walked to the elevator after an interview, she candidly said, “I have been a reporter for nearly 30 years, and I rarely meet individuals with such passion. I find your determination undaunted.” She seemed amazed at our resolve, particularly when you consider the “giants” we battle.

Perhaps this is the same astonishment the spectators felt as they watched David rush Goliath. Without armor or impressive weapons, David stood up to the taunts of Goliath, whose size and skill had intimidated everyone. Yet David possessed what our members have in quantity — unshakable courage, faith in the living God and the favor of a righteous cause. This combination, when used to resist a powerful foe, imparts both fascination to onlookers — and faith to those who feel helpless. Such faith is contagious.

As our members challenge those in positions of power and resist leaders of influential denominations and organizations, many within and outside the evangelical world are amazed at more than just the merit of our cause. Onlookers are also empowered by the courage and faith of egalitarians, who understand David’s words: “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s” (1 Samuel 17: 47). David boldly exclaimed: “Let no-one lose heart ... I will go and fight” (1 Samuel 17:32). David’s willingness to stand up to the giant Goliath gave the army of Israel new strength to deal decisively with its enemies.

At CBE’s conference this summer, we honored several individuals with our Priscilla and Aquila award, which is given to individuals who “risked their necks” for the gospel. Like David, the award recipients trusted in our living God, despite the size of their task, or the power of the opposition. Through their faith they resisted a Goliath and refused to capitulate to displays of power. They would have rather lost their jobs than turn their backs on the call of God. Through their faithful wit- ness the world stood not only amazed, but also changed. Their courage has inspired many others to trust the faithfulness of the living God. Our Priscilla and Aquila Award recipients are indeed profound leaders, whose testimonies have enduring influence. Only faith in a power larger than that of a Goliath can so embolden us.

We are therefore pleased to celebrate these individuals whose faiths are indeed life-changing. As C.S. Lewis noted, if you want a particular quality or attribute, it is best to spend time with those who possess it in abundance. We are proud that there are so many “Davids” who not only share in the struggle for biblical equality, but whose efforts also impart valor to others. Through the witness of these brave believers, many others are finding the courage to stand up to their adversaries.

So like the reporters who inter- viewed leaders within CBE, I stand amazed at the courage and faithfulness of our members. They are ordinary people slaying extraordinary giants, because of their faith in the living God. Through their unshakeable faith and courage they are changing the world.