An Observation

by Liz Sykes | March 09, 2014

It doesn’t take long before everyone who meets me is aware that I don’t like stereotyping and avoid it strenuously and yet……I have observed that often in families where there are children of both genders, the girls seem to be the more responsible ones, often to the annoyance of brothers who are being ‘bossed around’ by their sisters. I’m sure there are exceptions to this but it is often the scenario where a brother has another ‘mother’ nipping at his heels, trying to tell him what to do!

Now…..if God made males to be in charge, to take initiative and to be more responsible, why are boys so often immature, irresponsible and need to be pulled into line by female siblings ? People often take delight in pointing out how boys show their ‘manliness’,
even in kindergarten by playing with trucks, fighting, playing wars etc but fail to observe their ‘manliness’ in their being responsible, mature and taking the initiative in tidying up, helping smaller children or protecting others.

To my mind, this is another inconsistency in the supposed logic of inbuilt tendencies and traits. Anyone agree?