CBE, Global Woman, and ESA

Ministry News: Advocating for the Poor and Oppressed


CBE participates in "Global Voices" conference hosted by Global Women

“The poorest of the poor are almost always women,” said Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of CBE, “and I was deeply impressed by the commitment of Global Women to bring the Gospel and social justice to these women.”

CBE participated in the recent Global Voices conference in Winston Salem, N.C., from Oct. 27–28, sponsored by Global Women and Ardmore Baptist Church. The event focused on women’s missions to women and the biblical basis for women’s leadership in missions. 

Conference speakers addressed the need for women in missions around the world and highlighted the impact women are having in missions today. Speakers included Dr. Lilian Lim, president of Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (a consortium of nine seminaries in eight Asian countries), and Diana Bridges, the intercultural consultant for Global Women working with Islamic communities in the United States, and other prominent women ministry leaders from around the world.

“Working with Global Women reminded me of what it must have been like to be part of the 19th century mission movement characterized by Lottie Moon and others who were committed to Scripture, social justice, and outreach to women who were often overlooked,” Haddad said. 

CBE participates in “Woman Be Free!” conference hosted by Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA)

CBE also partnered with Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) for their “Woman, Be Free!” conference in Philadelphia, Pa., on Nov. 2–4, 2006. The conference focused on ministering to incarcerated women. Sessions focused on the importance of Christian outreach to these women and the impact these programs are already having on women in prison. 

The event featured a pre-conference tour of the Riverside Correctional Facility near Philadelphia. Dr. Haddad describes the visit this way:

“We spent three hours interacting with women prisoners, most of whom were in jail because of nonviolent crimes related to abandonment, sexual abuse, and drug use. Many of the women prisoners were Christians who were courageously recovering from the brokenness, trauma, and abuse they experienced as children. 

While in prison, these women participated in a drama class, which we observed during our onsite visit. Poetry and drama gave [them] an outlet to express the truth about who they are—daughters of the King against whom exploitation should never be tolerated—instead of who they were raised to be—objects for men. 

These women, like all of us, must learn to oppose lies concerning their ultimate significance and potential. Through this unique prison program, women are learning that they are created in God’s image and called to service for Christ, and that each minute of their life is of eternal worth for Christ and His kingdom. 

ESA’ outstanding leadership and commitment is helping to ensure that women in prisons nationwide are able to experience this truth.” 

The opportunity for CBE to partner with both of these events was a tremendous privilege. Please join us in prayer for these ministries as they reach out to women around the world.