The Fear Factor

by Liz Sykes | April 16, 2012

Recently I read on another blog that the writer had not read anything about helping people face the fear of moving from a complementarian position to that of an egalitarian. Maybe this is true for many of our readers so we would like to give opportunity for folks to write here of their struggle and fear while considering what would happen should they embrace a new way of looking at how God loves us all equally and shows no partiality for people of  particular gender, race or class.

There is the major fear of going against what is perceived and taught as God's plan for women and men. God-fearing women and men don't want to cross the line into 'liberalism' which entails ignoring what are seen as obvious commands and ideals for how we should live in the home and church community.

There is also the fear of being ostracised by people which in some circles can mean not only loneliness but a cutting off from all forms of support - monetary, emotional, social and family ties. To embark on a journey into a belief in what can be termed 'heresy' is a great step of faith and takes enormous courage.

For those of you who have made the step across this 'great divide', you might have some encouragement of how it was for you and some suggestions about how it can be less fearful.

For those who are still weighing up whether equality is really biblical and/or whether you are ready to count the cost of 'changing your mind', please feel welcome to share your doubts, questions and hesitations.