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Family Shepherding

by TL K. | October 20, 2012

As always in the traditional view of Scriptures, themes are created around the husband and father leading wife and children together according to his insights and wisdom. Lately there have been an influx of comp articles and books of fathers as shepherds. Yet, Scripture clearly speaks of both parents guiding their children. Children are admonished to obey both father and mother. The fifth commandment given by God to Moses was to honor both father and mother “that our days may be long”. Mother and father are to raise up and instruct their children in the admonition of the Lord God. We are to diligently instruct our children together.

Throughout the Psalms we are told to obey our father and not forget the instructions of our mothers. Proverbs 31 is the instructions King Lemuel’s mother gave him. Sometimes in Scripture it is the mother not the father, who is looked to for insight and wisdom.

Isn’t it about time we have some books written about how mother and father can counsel together to give their children the best guidance possible. Isn’t this what Christ’s examples show us. Shepherds watch over their flocks, protecting, guiding, soothing, loving, (often even singing to them) giving maintenance attention as they live their whole lives. Sheep become intimately attached to their shepherd very much like a child gets attached to its parents.

We love our mother or father even when they do things that hurt us now and then, until it becomes too much. If a child learns (yes learns) to hate a parent, it influences their whole life even as an adult. If one parent harmfully dominates the other, the children are learning things from this example.

Learning comes first by example. Sometimes example even trumps the words of our mouths. We learn by word, by example (what we see), and by experience. Since my ex husband was sterile, I did not get the experience of raising a child. So, I can only ask you readers, what are some of the things you do to be sure  your children receive the wisdom and instructions of both mother and father.