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Practical Applications

"I, personally, have no problem with women being leaders in our church, but the congregation isn't ready for it yet," one pastor explained. Congregational change comes slowly. Church leaders need wisdom in choosing which changes to promote and the best time to implement those changes. However, it is too easy for a shepherd afraid of controversy to hide behind the flock rather than lead it. A church's lack of readiness to empower all of its members is not an excuse to do nothing. It is a call to action. To do nothing suggests that a leader may lack genuine interest in bringing women into leadership as full members of the Body of Christ. There are a great many things that a church leader can do to prepare God's people to reach their full potential, even if they ar... Read more
Have you ever noticed how every day language is used to manipulate and shape rather than describe reality? Here is one example. I used to swim several mornings a week, and as I walked from the locker room to the swimming pool, I encountered a large candy machine along the way. It wasn’t enough to have to walk around this temptation in an effort to gain physical exercise. But, to make matters worse the candy machine was lit up with huge words that read “Nutritious Food.” Of course, the machine did not dispense food but candy, and it was far from nutritious! The language used to sell candy was deceptive and harmful. I once complained, but realized that my objection was less persuasive than the profit from candy sales. The stewardship we give words is a moral responsibili... Read more