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 CBE’s Youth Curriculum, Called Out, has recently made its way to Kenya! On May 28, 2013 Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE)—a CBE partner organization—held a meeting between church and school leaders to plan how they could engage youth with the knowledge and skills of biblical equality. Seven secondary schools were brought together within the Bondo and Rarieda District, one of the poorest areas in Kenya.  The Venerable Monica Owiti, the new and first archdeacon of the area, facilitated the program and Reverend Domnic Misolo led the meeting. Misolo made sure to emphasize the mission, vision, and objectives of EFOGE, which are similar to CBE’s: to promote the biblical basis for the shared leadership of males and females. Above all, he... Read more
The majority of posts on the Scroll have been written by people living in America, a few from Australia and occasionally there’s one from England. Our statistics tell us that the blog is read by people all over the world and we would love to have some articles written by readers from a variety of countries. If you live in another country except the USA and would like to compose a post, please put it in a Word document and attach it to an email to the administrators (see home page under ‘Contact’. You can gain an idea of size by looking at existing posts and on the home page there are guidelines for making comments. These guidelines will give you the general idea of the tone of posts which we publish. Before a post is published we will send you the CBE stateme... Read more
 “Jaimashi!” This is the greeting of Christians in Nepal. It means, “Jesus is victorious!” In a country where the fledgling Christian community comprises roughly two percent of the predominately Hindu population, it rings out as an encouragement to the brothers and sisters of the faith who face persecution on a daily basis. Women in Nepal are among the most downtrodden in the world. In a patriarchal caste system, they rank on the bottom. They are typically married off as young girls and immediately begin bearing children, caring for the family and tending the fields. They are the workhorses of society. If a woman fails to bear a son, dies in childbirth, or collapses under the weight of her heavy loads, her husband may simply find a new wife. Wealthier... Read more
Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear. —Jeremiah 5:21 Twenty-three years ago an economist from India, Amartya Sen, reported the largest human holocaust in all of history. His research showed that over 100 million females were missing! Though Sen was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, few were mobilized by the horror he had uncovered. Even the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Kristoff and WuDunn said that “when a prominent dissident was arrested in China, we would write a front-page article; when 100,000 girls were routinely kidnapped and trafficked into brothels, we didn’t even consider it news” (Kristoff and WuDunn, Half the Sky, xiv). How could the world be so disinterested in th... Read more
How strange it is that Christmas carols can make me want to buy an iPhone 5 and a MacBook Air, and in the same moment want to save the world! How does one reconcile the reality that while my kids wish for an endless stream of expensive gadgets, toys and designer clothes, elsewhere over a billion humans on this planet spend most of their waking hours simply wishing for a few drops of clean water?  And that everywhere on our planet, whether in Cambodia or India or right here on our own doorsteps, 12-27 million people are caught in a web of slavery today and, according to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, three out of every four are female and over half are children? ( Top-of-mind for many this holiday season is the shocki... Read more
Tim Krueger
Dozens of cities battle prostitution through a program called “john school,” a program designed to educate first-time “johns,” or male solicitors of prostitutes, about the negative consequences of prostitution. This includes learning about sex workers themselves. In 2009, CNN reported on a Nashville man who found himself in tears after hearing the story of a woman who had been bartering sex since the age of ten. By twenty, she was hooked on drugs and engaged in prostitution. She’d been arrested more than eighty times and been shot on the job. “I’m so embarrassed,” the man said. “These girls are somebody’s daughter. I have a daughter.” The program counts on this type of response. It is built on the idea that once we view a... Read more
The Bible Society in Australia has a newspaper entitled “Eternity” which publishes articles of interest to the Christian public. The latest edition features a recent book by Hanna Rosin entitled “The End of Men” with the subtitle “and the rise of women” (small letters). The quotes from the book were mostly statistics from America about the increasing number of women in college and high paying jobs which has changed the balance from a time when men were the primary wage earners. The observation was that men are now feeling displaced from their position of ‘breadwinner’ and that their wives/partners can now earn more than they previously had in some of their occupations. Apparently, there are many new positions being created in industry for... Read more
Margaret Mowczko
On the 25th of August, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that, “BRIDES will be promising to submit to their husbands under a new marriage vow the Anglican diocese of Sydney is expected to approve at its synod in October.” That this report, which features a video of a married couple from the Sydney Anglican Church, should make front page news is surprising. That this report should generate debate and insulting comments from the public who see equality as the social ideal—rather than male primacy and authority—is not surprising at all. Has the cause of the gospel been furthered by this video and report with its message of wifely submission? I think the opposite is the case. Then to have the Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, c... Read more
Holding the fruit carried from his adventures, Caleb said, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit” (Num. 13: 27). Like Caleb, we too celebrate the fruit carried home from our conference, "Equal to Serve," in Kenya as over 20 lectures exposed how patriarchy undermines not only the gospel and the message of Scripture, but also the health of families, marriages and communities. The epicenter of gender injustice is patriarchy guised as a biblical or religious ideal. Because religion offers the most exalted and irreproachable authority shaping gender relations in cultures around the world, "Equal to Serve" took on the challenge to uproot patriarchy as a biblical ideal and as a long... Read more
Jesus said, that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the largest of mountains, “Move from here to there, and it will move!” (Matt. 17:20) God used mustard seed faith to build an African egalitarian movement. It began like this… Dr. Jewel Hyun, a beloved CBE board member and pioneer of Matthew 28 Ministries, faithfully delivers CBE’s journal, Priscilla Papers, to libraries throughout Africa. In 2009, she placed our journals in the library of Saint Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. It was here that a student, preparing for the Anglican Priesthood, began his search for a biblical response to the patriarchy that was crippling communities in Kenya. CBE’s message ignited a passion to promote the biblic... Read more