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Christians around the world are struggling to grasp the spiritual implications of gender. To what extent does being male or female impact our spiritual life? How does gender shape our identity as a person or as a Christian? Put another way, would I be a completely different person if I had been born a different gender? If so, what would change? Would that change be of a fundamental, essential nature? Would it change something eternal about my being? To answer these questions, we could attempt the following thought experiment. Want to try? Okay, if you are male ask yourself would you be a completely different person if you had been born female? And, if you are female, ask yourself the same question… would you be essentially the same person if you had been born male? Would you hold... Read more
It is interesting to observe that ‘in the fullness of time’ (when God had planned) Jesus humbled himself and came to earth as a baby; conceived in a miraculous way and born in unusual circumstances far from his parents’ home. When the time came for God to send the angel Gabriel to advise of the way Jesus would arrive in this world, Mary was the one who received the message. Even though it was a terrifying thing to see the angel and the news was so astounding, Mary was able to question Gabriel about the circumstance of her having a baby and after hearing the explanation she accepted the word from God and affirmed that she was the Lord’s servant. The Jewish scholars and pious priests had been reading about the coming Messiah for such a long time and had formed thei... Read more
"What do you want me to do for you?" This was the question that Jesus asked the two blind beggars by the road near Jericho. They had already been crying out for mercy, so why would Jesus ask them this question? Jesus looked beyond their need for money, and instead, saw their deeper desire. If I were a blind person begging on the streets and a true healer passed me by and asked me what I wanted, my answer would most obviously be that I might be given sight. So Jesus goes directly to the heart of the matter. "What do you want me to do for you?" he asks. "Lord," they reply, "Let our eyes be opened." Recently, a friend asked me this same question. That is, if Jesus was here and asked me, "What do you want me to do for you?", what would I say... Read more