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Gricel Medina
Today, we rebuke fear—fear of the judgment of other Christians; fear of how they will respond to our God-given callings; fear of landing outside the box of “biblical womanhood”; fear that they are right about our limitations. Today, we rebuke any doubt of our sacred and complex callings as women of God. We banish all uncertainty surrounding our capacity to succeed and change the world with God’s help. As daughters of the Creator, we refuse to bow to injustice. We oppose the man-made hierarchies of this world and the powers that try to silence and erase us. We reject the toxic influence of patriarchy in our lives, our gifts, our marriages, our families, our churches, and our communities. We won’t throw in the towel—today or any other day! We will not g... Read more
Gricel Medina
This Litany of Mutuality celebrates the equal creation of men and women in the image of God, and with equal giftedness and purpose for carrying out kingdom work. The Litany of Mutuality is centered on the biblical mandates for submission to God and mutual submission to one another in the body of Christ. A single person should lead the congregation in each statement, and the congregation should respond to the leader wherever a line is marked “All.” Leader: We are God’s temple. God´s Spirit dwells in our midst. All: As believers, male and female, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Leader: We are made in the image of God. All: Male and female, we were created. Leader: Brothers and sisters, be strong and steady. All: We are enthusiastic about the Lord... Read more
From earthly senses, dwells a brew Calling itself truth; It denies God’s Righteous burning And look! See the turning? Turning away from Him who’s Heart Is Yearning To walk the Garden of Spirit’s Light?   He sees His children walk in the night.   What started in the Spirit Has become the design of the flesh man’s plight   Divided now between the sexes The church is filled with divorced ex’s Hallelujah chorus not directed to the King But to the notion that sex is   What made you turn away from your first love? Remember the Spirit came, like a dove? You welcomed the world of Father, Spirit and Son, Then ascended your own pedestal and thought you won.   But you have lo... Read more