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Have you ever been given an award for an important achievement and had an opportunity to thank people who had invested in your life? What if you were given that chance again, but this time you were asked to thank individuals whom you have never met personally, but who, nonetheless, served as significant mentors and role models? Are there people in your life who have contributed significantly to your vision and calling though you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting them personally? That is the purpose of history! Many women lack mentors who can model Christian leadership. That is why I celebrate mentors and role models from previous generations, trusting that their legacy will inspire audiences to new levels of courage and Christian service. Just last month I was lecturing to s... Read more
"...in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work." Three retired women volunteered at CBE’s office recently. As they worked, they reminisced about their youth—a time when hearing from a female evangelist was not that uncommon! In fact, our eighty-year old friends remembered having heard the female evangelist team Stockton and Gould preach and sing at some of the most prominent evangelical churches in the greater Chicago area! The rest of us were amazed as they named the churches and places this team had preached and sung. The truth is, most churches active in the revivals of the 1800s and 1900s gave female evangelists a platform. As teams like Stockton and Gould drew hearts to our Lord, the results were clear. Ministry worked best when it was gift-b... Read more
Recently a CBE member sent me a note reminding me of the consequences of coming to the right conclusions regarding women’s service in the church. He said: When I stand before Jesus, if I were to learn that 'they' were right and 'we' were wrong, I’d much rather have to explain equipping and encouraging my sisters in Christ than be required to defend why so many never heard the gospel because I preserved a presumed purity of gender roles. Even writing that brings new meaning to gagging at gnats while swallowing camels. His words remind us that there are significant consequences resulting from the position we take on women’s kingdom-service. This is why CBE will host a symposium this summer on missions and gender in Toronto. We recognize the importance... Read more
This post was written by Arbutus Sider, a CBE board member who attended the recent CBE conference in India. The trip took me and a dozen others from the US to Bangalore, a city in South India for a conference called “SIDE by SIDE—Gender from a Christian Perspective: Men and Women Dependent on Each Other (I Corinthians 11:11).” I was one of two board members who, along with three staff members, represented one of the sponsoring organizations, “Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE).” The other sponsoring organizations were all from India: “Pilgrim Partners,” “South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies” (SAIACS) and “Union of Evangelical Students of India” (UESI). CBE has in recent years begun working with several... Read more
Every organization says they want feedback. It helps the leadership to finetune its knowledge of what the members want and may even uncover the next new thing or important next development. Members in organizations like knowing what their colleagues are thinking and experiencing and such communication helps them to develop professionally and may even change opinions. Sometimes communication may bring us up short. Sometimes we may learn more from feedback than we really want to know. Certainly hearing each other's stories and what we're thinking is a good thing, but there is a risk that our pat ideas may get challenged. Blogs are a particularly good tool for giving and getting opinion, but like other technologies, it has its side effects. Email, for example, speeded up lette... Read more