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Holding the fruit carried from his adventures, Caleb said, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit” (Num. 13: 27). Like Caleb, we too celebrate the fruit carried home from our conference, "Equal to Serve," in Kenya as over 20 lectures exposed how patriarchy undermines not only the gospel and the message of Scripture, but also the health of families, marriages and communities. The epicenter of gender injustice is patriarchy guised as a biblical or religious ideal. Because religion offers the most exalted and irreproachable authority shaping gender relations in cultures around the world, "Equal to Serve" took on the challenge to uproot patriarchy as a biblical ideal and as a long... Read more
Jesus said, that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the largest of mountains, “Move from here to there, and it will move!” (Matt. 17:20) God used mustard seed faith to build an African egalitarian movement. It began like this… Dr. Jewel Hyun, a beloved CBE board member and pioneer of Matthew 28 Ministries, faithfully delivers CBE’s journal, Priscilla Papers, to libraries throughout Africa. In 2009, she placed our journals in the library of Saint Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. It was here that a student, preparing for the Anglican Priesthood, began his search for a biblical response to the patriarchy that was crippling communities in Kenya. CBE’s message ignited a passion to promote the biblic... Read more
Many of us will gather with loved ones this week to give thanks for God's abundance in our lives. Among the various delights we'll enjoy include delicious foods prepared with family and friends, and an opportunity to pray and express our thankfulness for specific events from the past year. Somehow, verbalizing one's gratitude to God is a pleasure even greater than the food we share with family and friends during Thanksgiving. As a ministry, the staff and I have so much to be thankful for this year. We give thanks not only to our faithful Lord and redeemer, but to each of you who stood by us so faithfully, and with much self-sacrifice. Though not exhaustive, here are some events that rise to the top of our thankful list! These include: Give to the Max Day last week! Thanks... Read more
If you were connected with CBE around this time last year, you may remember Give to the Max Day (GTMD), a fundraising campaign for Minnesota-based nonprofits sponsored by GiveMN.org. Last year, we made it our goal to raise enough money for a full-time staff member—and we nearly did it! With over $24,000 God gave us on GTMD, we hired Tim Krueger as a much needed part-time employee. In the few months that Tim has been with us, he has completed several vital projects such as updating our journal indexes, which assist libraries and research students to locate material published by CBE. Over the last two years, recession years, God used GTMD not only to keep CBE afloat, but also to expand our ministry! In 2009, we raised over $21,000 on GTMD and over $24,000 in 2010. Last year, CBE com... Read more
The latest post is written by David Cramer and you can read his profile on the HomePage. While there, check out Kristine Lowder's profile, as well as those of all who write for The Scroll. Liz & Trevor Read more
Are you astonished at the lack of empathy some have for women's experiences in hierarchal and even abusive settings? Women report that once they find the courage to speak to their pastor about an abusive spouse, they are often told to pray, submit, or improve their sexual appeal.What is lacking from this response is empathy for these women, rooted in biblical love of neighbor as self. I am indebted to Patti Ricotta, who, during her CBE workshop, was able to generate empathy for women in hierarchical relationships through audience participation. You may want to try this exercise yourself. The results are quite powerful. Here is what Patti did. Inviting a willing man from the audience, she asked him to describe his best male friend. After learning more about their years of friendship... Read more
We had a wonderful opportunity at the 2010 Evangelical Theological Society meeting, held in Atlanta, to present some of the stories found in How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership. We were able to secure four consecutive sessions in which three of the book’s twenty-seven authors presented their stories. This was followed by a panel session devoted to reflections on the place of "lived experience" and biblical interpretation as they relate to gender. The presentations were well attended and well received, and I was aware of the Holy Spirit's presence and oversight in all that took place in these sessions. What follows are a few highlights of the afternoon. The first presenter was Dr. Alice Mathews (author, dean of Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and Radio Bible... Read more
CBE members have always loved our award-winning journals Priscilla Papers and Mutuality. After last week, Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) members now love them too! Thanks to the generosity of many, CBE was able to send every ETS member in the U.S. (over 3,000) a special edition publication of academic and popular CBE articles. The journal, "The Deception of Eve and the Ontology of Women," included an award-winning exploration of 1 Timothy 2 by John Jefferson Davis; a piercing assessment of ontology, the Trinity, and it's bearing on women's ordination by John Jefferson Davis; Alan Myatt's insightful critique of the complementarian worldview; a response to pornography by Gerald Ford; and a collection of reflections by ten women on the struggles the... Read more
In this Australian conference there has been a strong emphasis on justice issues, both locally and on the world scene. The organizers of this weekend were determined that the subject matter would be far broader than just the ordination of women. The perception is often expressed that because there are now many ordained women in some denominations, the whole gender equality issue is "done and dusted." Through the variety of group discussions, this aim to broaden the subject matter was certainly achieved. Topics ranged from what it means to be a young woman in Australian church culture to how we can help women feed their families in Afghanistan; from how churches can welcome people with disabilities to helping women who are suffering abuse in Christian homes. Overload was an oft... Read more
We arrived at the Jasper Hotel in downtown Melbourne at midday on Friday, and found that already the organizing committee was hard at work preparing to receive those who would come early to register for the first CBE conference in Australia. This was the culmination of a year’s hard work by a dedicated group who had prayed for at least 200 people to participate. By the time the first people came through the doors, there were already over 220 names registered, and the steady stream of eager people was so heartening to see as the time for the first meeting approached. A perceptible feeling of anticipation could be felt as folks chatted over cups of tea and coffee, meeting new and old friends, and asking the common question of “Well, what brings you to this conference?” A... Read more