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Happy Friday! Here's a round-up of blog posts pointing to biblical gender equality. Be sure to share your own recommendations in the comments! Are Men and Women Enemies? by April Fiet I think we’ve forgotten that the curse was enmity between the woman and the snake…not between men and women. Was Abigail Right to Go Behind Nabal's Back? by Sandra Glahn Aside from learning hermeneutics in Abigail's story, we can also learn from Abigail's life. Although suffering in an abusive marriage, Abigail protected others from harm rather than thinking only of herself. She refused to cover for Nabal's sin, and she retained her voice in the situation. Sounds like a timely message, huh? Recovering the Unreal Man: William Wallace, Blind Hary, and the... Read more
As CBE travels, we have the joy of engaging old friends and forming new friends, too. Meeting kindred spirits, on the egalitarian journey, is truly one directed by God! We notice, wherever we go, Christians who are seeking God for answers on many aspects of gender and faith. We count it all joy, when we have opportunities to engage them as they quest for God’s truth and guidance! Here are a few instances of new friends we met recently, whose path intersected with CBE’s, thanks to God’s great provisions. This past March CBE editors had the opportunity to interview Peter Furler, the lead singer from the Newsboys. In exploring the topics of gender, justice and gift-based ministry, Peter drew not only from his own marriage and family life, but also upon his ministry experi... Read more
Have you ever noticed how God’s work multiplies? The deeds of God seem almost contagious! This has certainly been the case for egalitarian conferences this year, as each event spawns another great event elsewhere. Egalitarian conferences are spanning the globe, bringing a message of truth, hope, and vitality in their wake! Beginning with CBE’s conference in India, the lectures, fellowship, and presence of God inspired vision and energy to hold a conference in Bangladesh this month! Sponsors described the Bangladesh conference with these words: It was very well attended… and the feedback was very positive. The main objective… was to put a biblical view of gender on the agenda in Bangladesh, and I think this was accomplished. There were also many who could not... Read more
CBE conferences regularly feature an awards banquet to honor those who have courageously declared that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, supports gift-based rather than gender-based ministry. This year, CBE celebrated sixteen individuals for their important leadership as egalitarians. One of our award recipients was Dr. Roger R. Nicole, who played a leading role in the formation of Christians for Biblical Equality. Trained at the Sorbonne, Harvard University, Gordon Divinity School, and Wheaton College, Roger taught at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he recalls sitting at his desk in anguish over the female students who had lost one of their strongest champions—David Scholer (who had moved to teach elsewhere). Asking God to bring support to the many women called to... Read more
I must admit that if someone told me about Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) when I first came to know Christ, I would not have understood the need for such an organization. Being raised in the military, my world was already racially and ethnically integrated and diverse. The church where I came to know Christ as a teenager consisted mostly of military families and was gender-inclusive. Over the next two decades, I assumed if someone had a problem with me it was because of my personality, rather than my gender. In my second year of graduate school, I completed a practicum at a Christian college counseling center. One of my young female clients made this statement: "Patty, if I could see God as less male, I could believe he cares about me." She had been raised to believe t... Read more
 From 1975-1979, the communist regime—known as the Khmer Rouge—devastated Cambodia, killing nearly 25% of the population. Men, women, and children were marched at gun point to isolated labor camps known as the “killing fields,” while tens of thousands of others were executed in jails and prisons. Completely destabilized as a culture, Cambodia became easy prey to sexual predators and their lucrative industries, which now enslave thousands within Cambodia's borders. Thankfully, local leaders, NGOS, and Christian organizations have produced many positive changes. Even so, most address the symptoms, such as sex slavery, while the underlying problem—the devaluation of females—remains a serious and fundamental issue. The inferiority of women, which... Read more
Last Thursday was one of the most incredible days in the life of CBE. Not only did CBE develop many new friends and strategic partnerships at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), if that wasn’t enough, we also exceeded our fund raising goal through Give to the Max Day (GTMD) by $11,000! Here are a few highlights from both events. The Evangelical Theological Society Liz Beyer, CBE’s bookstore coordinator said it the best: “There were many angels ministering to us” throughout the ETS, from gracious friends who welcomed staff into their homes, prepared meals, and gave up their beds that we might have warm and affordable accommodations for visiting guests like Lynley and Kevin Giles; to sufficient staff to engage scholars and students at our booth; to our th... Read more
As the president of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE), I often hear from individuals who are thankful to CBE for strengthening their marriages, ministries, and relationships with God. They are grateful that Christian faith does not support a second class status for females. That is why I am writing to you. Thursday, November 15 is Give to the Max Day (GTMD) for nonprofits in Minnesota, where CBE’s office is located. Anyone who donates to CBE through our profile at GiveMN.org on this day enters CBE in a drawing to receive an extra $10,000! You can also help CBE to receive another $12,500 in a competition against other medium-sized nonprofits in Minnesota. Here’s how the incentives work: • Grand Prizes: The top ten nonprofits to raise the most... Read more
Dear Friends, Sojourner Truth (1797-1883), born a slave, remembers how her mother encouraged her life of faith and prayer. In her narrative, Sojourner writes: In the evening, when her mother's work was done, she would sit down under the sparkling vault of heaven, and calling her children to her, would talk to them of the only Being that could effectually aid or protect them. Her teachings were delivered in Low Dutch, her only language, and, translated into English, ran nearly as follows: “‘My children, there is a God, who hears and sees you.’ ‘AGod, Mau-mau! Where does he live?’ asked the children. ‘He lives in the sky,’ she replied; ‘and when you are beaten, or cruelly treated, or fall into any trouble, you must ask help of him,... Read more
Holding the fruit carried from his adventures, Caleb said, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit” (Num. 13: 27). Like Caleb, we too celebrate the fruit carried home from our conference, "Equal to Serve," in Kenya as over 20 lectures exposed how patriarchy undermines not only the gospel and the message of Scripture, but also the health of families, marriages and communities. The epicenter of gender injustice is patriarchy guised as a biblical or religious ideal. Because religion offers the most exalted and irreproachable authority shaping gender relations in cultures around the world, "Equal to Serve" took on the challenge to uproot patriarchy as a biblical ideal and as a long... Read more