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Another great week in the blogosphere! Enjoy these articles we've curated for you from our brothers and sisters in Christ who are advocating for biblical gender equality.  All Men Should be Farmers, by Elesha Coffman (Christianity Today) “Even from a practical standpoint, it is clear that all men should be farmers. Everyone needs to eat. What could possibly be more life-giving and life-affirming than food?” Women in Church Leadership Isn’t a Secondary Issue, by Kate Dewhurst (The Junia Project) “Some say the issue of women in leadership is important, but it’s not a primary issue. However, if the gospel is the primary issue, if the good news of Jesus is the primary issue, if the transformative power of God is the primary issue, then the flo... Read more
I am really excited about the articles we’re featuring this week! Grab a cup of tea and cozy up with your computer this weekend to read these wonderful pieces promoting biblical equality for women and men. That Elect Lady, by Scot McKnight “Yes, in church history some have argued that the “elect lady” of 2 John is the church itself and not a female leader. But William David Spencer, in his final piece as editor of Priscilla Papers (28.3, 2014, pp. 1-4), has devoted some space to showing that in fact it is far more likely that the “elect lady” is the church leader of a house church.” What it Looks Like to Join an Egalitarian Church Staff, by Meredith Miller (The Junia Project) “If the church is fully supportive of ge... Read more
Happy Friday! Here are some great posts promoting biblical equality for women and men in the church, home, and world. Enjoy! Pastors, You Have to Mentor Women, too, by Jeremiah Gibbs “It’s time to stop sexualizing every relationship between male and female. If there is any place that these relationships should be able to happen, it should be within a community of those who radically follow Christ. It’s time for male pastors and leaders to set up relational boundaries that are on the other side of the Billy Graham rule for the sake of the church’s future. We need the women leaders that will be at the heart of that future.” 5 Books on Christian Doctrine without a Complementarian Edge, by Marg Mowczko “I’ve compiled this list of books on C... Read more
Greetings, friends! Here are a few fabulous posts from around the blogosphere this week advocating for mutuality in marriage and ministry for men and women. Enjoy! Look Up (Why I Hated Women's Ministry), by Kate Conner "I am tired of hearing about Christian womanhood. I want to hear about God. There are of course issues that are women’s issues. Womanhood is a sisterhood, and I don’t need my femininity to be ignored; I need it to be seen and addressed and esteemed.  But women’s issues are so, so secondary to gospel issues, because womanhood is so, so secondary to PERSONHOOD." How I Became an Advocate for Women in Ministry, by Jeremiah Gibbs "Here was a woman that had more theological education that most of our staff, two years of an i... Read more
Time for another Link Up! Read on for great posts around the web promoting mutuality in marriage and ministry. What a wonderful movement to belong to! Beliefs Known by Praxis, by Scot McKnight (Jesus Creed) We have a few statements in the Bible that we might call the beliefs, and then there are the practices of women. I contend the practices reveal that what some think the Bible “believes” is not in fact what the Bible actually believes. The Serpent Sheds its Skin: Porn, Homo Economicus and Human Flourishing, by Mick Pope (Red Letter Christians) Pornography is a form of prostitution, where there is financial exchange for sexual pleasure. Actors, mostly women, are turned into objects of lust rather than subjects of love and affection.  Pornography als... Read more
Enjoy these posts from around the web about biblical gender equality, and add your own in the comments below! We Are All One in Christ Jesus, by Kelly Soifer (Center for Youth Ministry Training) Some will tell you that there is a male approach to leadership and a female approach to leadership. While there are some generalities that I could agree upon, I would also say that each person, male or female, leads a little differently. May we contribute to that larger conversation as we enter leadership, inviting everyone to lead in the ways that fit them best. That Familiar Voice, by Scot McKnight Many think preaching requires a man’s voice because the only voice some have heard is a man’s. For the familiarized, then,when a woman preaches it “just doesn... Read more
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Enjoy these posts from around the web about biblical gender equality, and add your own in the comments below! The Women of Easter, by Tyler Standley What better way to reveal just how upside down and inside out the Kingdom of God is than to have a woman be his first apostle. To utterly reject the barriers of the world’s societies. To usher in God’s Kingdom through the “least of these.” No doubt, responding to that early Jewish prayer, Paul declares the outrageously glorious truth that in Christ the walls of the Temple are torn down—there is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no “male and female.” This is what the resurrection accomplishes. The veil is torn and all may enter in. Embracing th... Read more
Conservative Christian Women And The Worst Accusation, by Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs If you are the one that opposes women’s leadership, you would do much better to tell her that you read the Bible differently than her. But at least acknowledge that she too is striving to honor God and God’s Word with her life. To tell her that she isn’t “biblical” is to call her essential spirituality and relationship with God into question. To do so certainly is not good leadership or pastoral. It’s simply a power play to silence the opposition.  Domestic Violence and Spiritual Abuse: Part 1, by Rev. Al Miles (Joyful Heart Foundation) Perpetrators of domestic violence are found in every segment of religious and secular society. And yes, some of them ar... Read more
Here’s this week’s installment of The Scroll Links Up: the post where we highlight posts from around the web that proclaim biblical equality for men and women in the church and home. Enjoy! A New Book That Sets the Sisters Free! (Frank Viola interviews Felicity Dale) The book will set many women free, inspiring them to serve the Lord unhindered. It will also educate many men to understand how the Lord views our sisters in His service.   The Feminists We Forgot, by Sandra Glahn (Christianity Today) This “new woman” is not an invention of second-wave feminism either. Betty Friedan did not start the “woman movement;” Christians did. Motivated by the belief that men and women were made in God’s image to “rule the e... Read more
Welcome to the second edition of the weekly CBE Scroll Links Up, where we point you to blog posts around the web proclaiming biblical equality*. It’s amazing how wide and deep is the community of believers who are committed to gender equality in the church and home. It is such an encouragement to me, and I hope to you too, to read the various perspectives and stories from ordinary people passionate about mutuality. There were some great posts this week! Enjoy! Woman of Valor: Harriet Tubman, by Ruth Meharg ( As a child Harriet Tubman’s story was about freedom. Instead of playing house with my dolls I played runaway slave. I would rescue them and we would run for freedom, hiding from the pursuing imaginary dogs in closets and under beds. The story of Pe... Read more