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Great posts this week about or by woman pastors and leaders! Enjoy! "Best Responses to Inappropriate Comments" by Jeremiah Gibbs “So I took some time last month to ask women pastors and leaders to talk about some of the responses that they have prepared when people make those inappropriate comments. I think several of these strike the important balance of naming the impropriety of the comment and also paying attention to the spiritual formation of the person that they are talking to.” "Ask a Womanist Biblical Scholar...(Response)" by Rachel Held Evans “Womanism is a response to racism in feminism and sexism in the Black Liberation movement. One crucial aspect of womanism that sets it apart from feminism is the emphasis on the well-being of... Read more
Margaret Mowczko
Things have been a little more quiet than usual in the blogosphere over the New Year period but here are some recent blog posts that encourage biblical equality.   "Why You Should Be a Christian Feminist" by Amy R. Buckley (Relevant) “Scripture-minded women founded the first feminist movement in response to 18th-century social problems. Women of that era called for laws against child labor in filthy and unhealthy factories and mills. Deep concerns for family preservation led them to found temperance societies that called for men not to spend their wages at brothels and saloons erected by factory and mill owners (to recuperate wages). . .” "Why Women Should Never Be Barred from Christian Leadership" (Life and Liberty) This link takes... Read more
Margaret Mowczko
This week many of us have focused on the miracle of the birth of our Savior and the vital role of Mary.  “And God made Joseph a feminist…” (The Evangelical Covenant Church's Commission on Biblical Gender Equality) “Joseph was willing to believe that God might choose to work through someone other than himself. Joseph had to be willing to hear that his calling was to come alongside the one God was working through.” “Mary Consoles Eve” by Marg Mowczko’s (Newlife)  “…early church theologians emphasized Eve’s doubt, disobedience and pride as being instrumental in bringing sin into the world. Conversely, they highlighted Mary’s faith, obedience and humility as being instrumental in bringing... Read more
Hello friends. Another great week for CBE and our friends around the world who are joining us in the movement for biblical gender equality. Here are a few posts written this week around the web for you to read, share, and ponder this weekend. Enjoy! "Women Pastors and Male Privilege" by Jeremiah Gibbs "When I was in seminary I learned that many of my female colleagues hear comments about their clothing, hair, and make-up every week. It’s easy to dismiss this as an odd reality of culture. Some of these remarks are compliments and aren’t meant to make a woman’s job harder. But consider how the constant discussion of physical appearance changes the way women pastors spend time preparing for Sunday morning …" "Why are Working W... Read more
It came right down the last minute, but I managed to find a few posts to share this week. It always amazes me that I'm able to find new posts, week after week, to share with you. (I'd also appreciate help curating these, so if you see a post this week that you think should be featured next Friday, please post it in the comments or tweet it at me @naomi_writes.) But I shouldn't be surprised. God is moving! These are wonderful pieces. Enjoy! The prominent evangelical woman you don’t know…but should, by Jonathan Merritt (Religious News Service) “She was a bestselling author and powerful advocate for education of the poor who transformed Britain’s upper class and helped end the slave trade. This prominent evangelical’s name is Hannah Mor... Read more
Happy Friday! It's another great week to be an egalitarian. I truly do believe the tide is turning, even if in some places it looks like there's no change in sight. Let these posts from other egalitarians around the web encourage you today. Male Privilege: Being a Force for Good, by Allison Quient "In my preaching class I will never forget the man who stood up and praised a woman’s sermon outline and said he would have loved to hear it in church. I will also never forget the constant encouragements and helpful critiques of the men in my other preaching class. I credit some of my success to their helpful feedback." 1 Timothy 5:14, the Role of Women, and Leading the Family, by April Fiet "Management of the household for a woman does not mean she is on... Read more
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. It's an epidemic affecting women and men in staggering numbers around the world. It's something we simply cannot ignore as followers of Jesus. Violence against the vulnerable must be brought to an end. This week's Link Up is focused on blog posts that raise awareness about domestic violence and/or provide practice solutions to bringing an end to it. I had hoped to find a slew of posts, but oddly enough the Christian blogosphere was mostly silent on this topic lately. Maybe I'm just not reading the right people. I'd love your help in curating these posts. If you've read any other helpful articles or blogs lately on this topic, please share them in the comments.   The Silent Epidemic, by C... Read more
Building Fences & Taking Sides, by Cayla Pruett (The Junia Project) “The more I dive into the cause of women and gender [in]equality, both within the church and around the globe, the more personal the issue becomes for me, and the more determined I become to build a fence simply to demonstrate that I will not be found sitting on it.” Jesus Was a Feminist – a poem by Robin Merrill (The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors) “You see, I have a daughter now.  And that girl, she’s a feminist, because nobody’s told her yet that she’s not supposed to be” Who Are Man and Woman? By RJS (The Jesus Creed) “Male and female were created complementary without hierarchy. Now, Provan’s reading runs counter to that s... Read more
Here's another roundup of great egalitarian posts from CBE and other bloggers around the web! We hope you'll be encouraged and informed by them. A Woman Fully Alive, by Suzanne Burden (SheLoves Magazine) “Today, I find myself in a unique place. On the one hand, the Church seems to be recognizing that female voices are needed, that they are needed on church staffs, and that they need to be sought out. On the other hand, I am often wanted only if I conform to a certain constrained ideal.” How I Became an Egalitarian: Called to be a Pastor, by MaryAnn (Scratchpaper Thoughts) “Because I had mistakenly thought that women could not be pastors, it had not occurred to me that it was an option for me.  Missions had been the logical option.  No doubt,... Read more
Happy Friday! Here are a few great posts about biblical gender equality in the church, home, and world for you to enjoy and share with others this weekend. Lipstick and Seminary, by Amy R. Buckley (SheLoves Magazine) “During seminary, I paid close attention to ways men acted in and outside the classroom. Playing by their rules helped me fit in. On the downside, some men seemed amused by my efforts. They called me “kiddo” and “honey” and “sweetheart.” I felt upset, like on the playground when throwing my body into inefficient tosses. And I guarded what I considered feminine-seeming parts of my personality—creativity, emotion, and relational ways of perceiving and acting. I got A-s but my soul was wilting.” Memo to the NFL: Real... Read more