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"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord" (Acts 18:26)

Priscilla Papers Summer 2012 Volume 26 Number 3
The Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is the primary doctrine of the Christian faith. It expresses our distinctive Christian understanding of God. Sadly, many contemporary evangelicals are inadequately informed on this doctrine, and the evangelical community is deeply and painfully divided on this matter. In seeking to promote unity among evangelicals by…

Priscilla Papers Winter 2015 Volume 29 Number 1
The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman

From creation to new creation, the Bible’s message about gender in the church and marriage consistently affirms the equal standing of man and woman.

The Levite's Concubine

Domestic violence is the number one health threat faced by women in the United States today. It accounts for more deaths than automobile accidents, muggings and rapes combined. During America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the number of women…

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2016 Volume 30 Number 4
“Favored as We Are”: Early Protestant Missions, Cultural Imperialism, and the Liberating Power of the Bible

Ultimately, the work of American women in missions would teach women in the non-Western world that “they are not an inferior race of creatures; but stand upon a par with men.”

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2016 Volume 30 Number 4
Alexander Campbell and the Status of Women

Those in the Stone-Campbell Movement who, in contrast, supported increasing women’s rights in the nineteenth-century were able to do so by rejecting the traditional interpretation of relevant biblical texts.

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2016 Volume 30 Number 4
A Life of Study, Prayer, and Action

Since the beginning of the feminist movement over a century ago, historians have debated the role religion played in the lives of the great British women’s rights leaders. 

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2016 Volume 30 Number 4
A Tribute to Alvera Mickelsen

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, Alvera Mickelsen was welcomed into the loving arms of Jesus. Our beloved leader, mentor, mother, and friend died at the age of ninety-seven. 

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2016 Volume 30 Number 4
Editor's Reflections | Autumn 2016 (30.4)

This issue of Priscilla Papers assesses the contributions of a handful of nineteenth-century leaders. 

Priscilla Papers Summber 2016 Volume 30 Number 3
Silent in the Churches: A Sermon on 1 Corinthians 14:34–36

Before we get too far into this sermon, I need to say one thing: my brother had it coming. So none of this is my fault. Well, not entirely my fault. It might be his fault. Or my parents’ fault, even, for the whole thing started because they had the audacity to sell their house. The one we had was fine. I had…

Priscilla Papers Summber 2016 Volume 30 Number 3
Revisiting the Clarity of Scripture in 1 Timothy 2:12

First Timothy 2:12 has played a defining role in the Christian debate about the role of women in ministry, especially in American evangelicalism. The text appears to forbid some kind of behavior involving women teaching men. For that reason, exegetical studies about this verse have been numerous and exhaustive…