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"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord" (Acts 18:26)

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2017 Volume 31 Number 4
The Cultural Context of Ephesians 5:18–6:9

I begin this discourse with a disclaimer, since the title suggests far more than one can deliver in a limited amount of space. It suggests far more knowledge about this topic than I actually have—indeed, it is safe to say that there is much more that we don’t know about these things than we actually do. What I hope to do is to offer a…

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2017 Volume 31 Number 4
When Will We Be "Real"?

For years I've loved the story about the Velveteen Rabbit who was preoccupied with her identity--whether she was real or not! Sitting among the toys in a child's room, she asks the skin horse about it, and gets the profound reply, "You are real when you are loved. When I was cuddled so much that I began to lose my skin, then I knew that I was…

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2017 Volume 31 Number 4
Editor's Reflections | Autumn 2017 (31.4)

2017 is CBE International’s thirtieth anniversary and is being celebrated as a “Year of Jubilee.” This expanded issue of Priscilla Papers functions as part of this Jubilee celebration. 

Priscilla Papers Autumn 2017 Volume 31 Number 4
Correcting Caricatures

If we all approach the text of Scripture, each having his or her own framework of understanding (even when we share a view of the Bible that it is inerrant and true in all it affirms and teaches), is there any hope that we can ever reach a “correct” or “objectively valid” interpretation,1 especially on passages that are so sensitive…

Priscilla Papers Summer 2017 Volume 31 Number 3
The Significance of Worldview in Thwarting Spiritual Formation, with Special Reference to Gender-based Violence in South Africa and Beyond

This article addresses habitual abusive behavior perpetrated by professing Christian men (and sometimes women1) against women. 

Priscilla Papers Summer 2017 Volume 31 Number 3
Marriage: Patriarchal, Sacramental, or Covenantal?

Many modern Western marriage rituals—from engagement, to the wedding ceremony, to post-union practices such as female surname change—are clearly patriarchal.  

Priscilla Papers Summer 2017 Volume 31 Number 3
Language, Logic, and Trinity: A Critical Examination of the Eternal Subordinationist View of the Trinity

For the past two decades, evangelical theologians have debated over one specific aspect of the relationship between members of the Trinity. One group insists that the Father is eternally the supreme member of the Trinity, necessarily and always possessing authority over the Son and the Holy Spirit, who are thus subordinate to him. The other…

Priscilla Papers Summer 2017 Volume 31 Number 3
The Nicene and Reformed Doctrine of the Trinity

There can be no denying that we have starkly opposing doctrines of the Trinity. Dr. Grudem and Dr. Ware argue on the basis of creaturely analogies for a hierarchically ordered Trinity where the Father rules over the Son, claiming this is historical orthodoxy and what the church has believed since AD 325. I argue just the opposite. On the basis…

Priscilla Papers Summer 2017 Volume 31 Number 3
Editor's Reflections | Summer 2017 (31.3)

The cover photo shows an icon in which a group of church leaders display a rather large banner containing the opening lines of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed of AD 381. Kevin Giles explains the Trinitarian Christology of this creed in the first article of this issue of Priscilla Papers

Priscilla Papers Spring 2017 Volume 31 Number 2
Dismantling Socio-Sacred Hierarchy: Gender and Gentiles in Luke-Acts

Without question, women are more prominent in Luke’s writings than in any of the other three Gospel writers. The interpretation of their presence, however, is contested. In recent years, significant attention has been given to the role the women play in the narratives of Luke and Acts. The silence of their voices after the first few chapters of…