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"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord" (Acts 18:26)

Priscilla Papers Winter 2019 Volume 33 Number 1
Preparing for Equality: Perspectives on Christian Marriage

Two competing visions—egalitarianism and complementarianism—are embedded within Christian pre-marriage counselling. This article examines how differing interpretations of Scripture shape marriage advice.

Priscilla Papers, Volume 33, Winter 2019
Hannah: More than a Mother

As we walk with Hannah, we see how she encounters and discovers who God says she is. This is a message not just for moms, but for all of us. Every day of our lives, we are asked to fit into a certain shape, but we don’t always fit the mold.

Priscilla Papers, Volume 33, Winter 2019
Editors Reflections: Winter 2019

This issue of Priscilla Papers opens with a sermon by Tracey Stringer, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at New City Church of Los Angeles. It is a Mother’s Day sermon, and we have printed it here so it will be available in time for Mother’s Day.

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
The Delight of Daughters: A Theology of Daughterhood

Much has been written about “sonship” and being “adopted as sons” as descriptions of being brought into and belonging to God’s family. Focus is often on the privileges of adoption in Paul’s letters, noting the love, honour, and freedom that follow. In light of this masculine language, we should ask whether…

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
Marriage Ideology and Decision-Making

This article reports on a study of the ideologies and decision-making of Christian married couples. We specifically explored the beliefs these couples held regarding decision-making at the beginning of their marriages, those they currently hold, and what prompted any changes in those beliefs across time.

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
The Experiences of Women in Church and Denominational Leadership

What are the experiences of women in Christian leadership? Do they have salaries comparable to men? Do they encounter stereotypes based on gender? Do they have the respect of their congregations? Howell and Thompson provide a glimpse into the experiences of these women to inform present and potential church leaders, and to increase the…

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
Christian Women’s Beliefs on Female Subordination and Male Authority

Why would a woman espouse an ideology that consigns her to a less-than status? Howell and Duncan surveyed 72 women to explore the rationale behind women’s beliefs in the subordination of women to the authority of men. 

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
The Importance of Age Norms When Considering Gender Issues

Authors Jason Eden and Naomi Eden consider, in light of the case of Naomi's 104 year-old grandmother, a well-respected leader in her church community, how age might affect debates and controversies regarding the status of men and women within contemporary Christian circles.

Priscilla Papers Volume 32 Number 4 Autumn 2018
Muted Group Theory: A Tool for Hearing Marginalized Voices

Muted Group Theory (MGT) is a sociological tool that aids in the study of interactions between dominant and sub-dominant groups—including, but not limited to, men and women. MGT can help those who have become aware of dynamics between the powerful and the marginalized but do not have a clear framework for articulating this awareness

Priscilla Papers Summer 2018 Volume 32 Number 3
Editor's Reflections | Summer 2018 (32.3)

This issue of Priscilla Papers includes an article by Abigail Dolan titled, “Imagining a Feminine God.” Abby’s article was among the winners of CBE International’s 2017 student paper competition. The other winners, also published here, are Haley Gabrielle and Nikki Holland. In this issue you will also read articles on 1 Peter 3 by John…