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"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord" (Acts 18:26)

Priscilla Papers Volume 24 Number 1 Winter 2020
Editor's Reflection: Winter 2020 (34.1)

Priscilla Papers will recall John MacArthur’s October 2019 “go home” comment directed against Beth Moore. The responses abound—online, from the pulpit, and elsewhere.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
Jael’s Story as Initial Fulfillment of Genesis 3:15

The promise of Gen 3:15—the greatest promise of all, known for centuries as the protoevangelium (“first gospel,” meaning “first [glimpse of the] gospel”)—runs through the OT as a beacon of hope.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
Covenant Partners: An Egalitarian Reading of Genesis 17:15–16

Like many other biblical texts, Gen 17:15–16 invades our worldview and reminds us that God sought out covenant partners—both male and female—to bring blessings to all the nations.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
Unveiling Old Testament Women with Accurate Translation

If we translate consistently key terms such as “prophet,” maintain female metaphors, and indicate the gender of feminine actors, readers will gain a grander understanding of how God worked through women in biblical times.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
Philippians 4:2–3: An Alternative View of the Euodia-Syntyche Debate

While many commentators promote the idea of Euodia and Syntyche being prominent figures in the church, this interpretation sets them as the leaders of churches in Philippi. 

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
CBE’s Tribute to Gretchen Gaebelein Hull (1930–2019)

Gretchen G. Hull was instrumental in the founding of CBE. A woman with few equals, she was a gifted mathematician, pianist, author, editor, philosopher, and church leader.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
The Poor Widow Who Gave at the Temple: Narrative Logic in Mark 12:41-44

In Mark 12:41–44, a woman shows the readers the way to follow Christ as she foreshadows the suffering that lies ahead for Messiah and for the disciples by giving her “whole life” to God.

Priscilla Papers, autumn 2019 volume 33 number 4
Editor's Reflection: Fall 2019 (33.4)

 In the literary sense, "character" simply means a person in a story. But of course, the word can also sum up someone’s exemplary personality—to have character is to have noble character. 

Priscilla Papers, Volume 33, Summer 2019
"No Longer any Male and Female"? Galatians 3, Baptismal Identity, and the Question of an Evangelical Hermeneutic

Many evangelicals do not know how to read the very texts they claim establish their distinctive identity. Far from viewing the biblical texts too reverently typical evangelical approaches fail to respect the text enough.

Priscilla Papers, Volume 33, Summer 2019
Man as the Image and Glory of God, and Woman as the Glory of Man: Perspicuity or Ambiguity?

1 Cor 11:2–16 touches on questions of creation and the nature of God and has been influential not only in the role of men and women in worship, but more fundamentally in the relations of man and woman to one another and to God.