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woman with arms crossed as husband's back is turned to her
What to Say When Someone Believes Husbands Are Entitled to Sex

Some people believe that 1 Corinthians 7 means that husbands are entitled to sex and wives have an obligation to supply it. But the text, properly interpreted, doesn't support that argument.  In fact, it opposes it.

family cooking together
Egalitarian from the Start: 4 Practical Tips for New Parents

Try as we might, there is no way to equally share the joys and struggles of carrying a child, giving birth, and breastfeeding. When my husband and I were ready to grow our family, I wondered how we would be able to maintain our nontraditional gender roles and split work equally.

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Enter CBE's Writing Contest to Get Published and Win an Amazon Gift Card!

Folks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year—CBE’s annual writing contest. This contest is designed to give those passionate about biblical gender equality/egalitarian theology/Christian feminism an opportunity to share their stories and insights.

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How I Left Fundamentalism, Found Freedom, and Became A Pastor

I’m free now. Free to read the Bible with fresh eyes. Free to reject attempts to abuse, suppress, and control me. Free to leave abusive people and churches. 

boy with mouth open in surprise
Did You Know Jacob Had Daughters Too?

As we all know, Jacob (also called Israel) had twelve sons. You probably also know from the tragic story in Genesis 34 that Jacob had a daughter as well. Her name was Dinah, and she was born to Leah in Genesis 30.But did you know that Jacob had other daughters?

smiling couple
Egalitarian from the Start: Practical Tips for Engagements and Weddings

Not all tradition is bad; honoring the past can be a beautiful thing. Each of us gets to decide what traditions we do and don’t incorporate in our day. Yet, I do think egalitarian couples have a unique chance to challenge the typical wedding narrative. 

woman standing outside with arms outstretched
No More Doubt: How I Finally Embraced My Ministry Calling

I tried to ignore the issues. I ignored because I didn’t want to be stereotyped as an angry woman—overly-sensitive and emotional. But with each question asked, each assumption made, and each expression of surprise on someone’s face when I explained that I was a pastor, I was slowly being worn down.

woman sitting on the ground with hand over her face
When Churches Don't Believe Victims, They Commit Abuse

As I read the church’s brief report, my anger mounted. We knew that my friend had been abused. But we were now being told by our spiritual leaders, people with no professional training or knowledge on the subject, that she had not been abused.

man holding playing card
Forget the Husband Trump Card: Why Couples Should Make Decisions Together

A “husband trump card” can be an excuse to not do the important relational work of communicating with each other, compromising, and resolving conflict together. It can also foster a dangerous power imbalance in marriages, making husbands and wives opponents instead of partners.

close up of feet on a scale with measuring tape
Does Purity Culture Cause Body Hatred and Eating Disorders?

Because eating disorders often flow out of a desire for control and because patriarchy grants women so little control over their lives and bodies, it’s no surprise that many see a link between the purity movement and eating disorders.