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Young mom on a couch with her baby as she looks at a laptop.
Mary for Teen Moms: Chosen by God

God called Mary to something much greater than her social location. I find it comforting to note that she was called “highly favored” before she said yes to God. It wasn’t her obedience that made her highly favored. 

Mosaic of Mary
Saying Yes to God's Disruptions

Disruptions are inevitable in this life. We face circumstances and events in our day-to-day lives that feel like giant mountains, road blocks, and dead ends. Bad things happen to us, our families, and the people we love.

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The Mother of God and the Female Body

From its earliest times, the church has struggled to be a space in which women and girls can think positively about their identities as Christians and the reality of their female bodies. 

Illustration of Mary holding baby Jesus.
My Soul Rejoices: Empowerment, Prophecy, and Luke’s Gospel

The story of Jesus’ birth might be the most misquoted and misunderstood story in the gospels. Luke’s gospel account of both the annunciation and the nativity are strikingly unique.

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The Marys of the Bible and the #MeToo Movement

So, what does the Bible have to say in response to the issues raised by the #MeToo movement? It seems to me that the central response to this question is the name of Jesus the Messiah’s mother—Mary.

Young Middle Eastern girl.
A Chance to Learn from Mary

We invite you to journey with our writers as they rediscover Mary through theology, personal reflection, and real-world experiences with those who can give us insight into Mary.

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The Subtle Hazing of Women in Ministry

We were guinea pigs, the women that year and I. We knew—after we had applied and been accepted—that our school had just begun admitting women to the MDiv program, the denomination new to the concept of women in the pulpit.

Birds eye view of hands together in a circle.
Better Together: An Interview with Kristen Padilla and Tara Beth Leach

 Instead of us focusing on negative comments aimed at women, we were able to focus on the ways in which God is at work among women in bringing sons and daughters to Christ.

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Giving Thanks for the Women

We are caught in tension between thanks for progress towards gender equality and dismay at the misogyny we see around us. Gratitude for progress does little to ease the pain of sexism by Christian men who tell women in ministry to “go home…

A mother, father, and their two children standing at a church alter.
Who Decides? Transitioning Churches as an Egalitarian Couple

Life would have been easier, at least outwardly, if we had followed complementarian theology. We might have stayed at our church.