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Close up of a microphone on a stage. The background is blurred.
A Rhetorical History: Listening to Our Preaching Foremothers

I offer here a history of preaching rhetoric with the hope of encouraging women whose calling is the pulpit. We will explore how women have proven their preaching authority and constructed their sermons across time.

Barbara and Chris Lamos
"Let Us Not Become Weary in Doing Good": Wisdom from One Advocate to Another

In this issue, we wanted to hear from egalitarians across the movement to highlight the importance of working together to accomplish our mission of dismantling theological patriarchy.

Photo of Lillian Trasher surrounded by children at her orphanage
Nile Mother: The Story of Lillian Trasher

Lillian Trasher aimed to serve “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40). Her orphanage in Egypt took in abandoned children with physical disabilities and illnesses as well as vulnerable widows.

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Encouragement for Women in Ministry

I am writing this article largely because women whom I respect have encouraged me to let my voice be heard. It is far easier for egalitarian men to avoid the subject, since it is so controversial and heated.

Feet on pavement with the word "future" written into the yellow line.
A Faithful Future

We wanted to gather a variety of voices in a conversation about the past, the present, and the future of the egalitarian movement. But I’d like to take a brief moment to begin to imagine where we might go in the future.

Close up of African American woman wearing floral crown
Why Womanist Theology Is Vital to Me

Womanist interpretation seeks to use the Scriptures to explore and empower the construction of black womanhood, the experiences of black women as it relates to the world, and the black community and church.

An African American and white woman in a friendly embrace as they laugh together.
How to Build Bridges: 4 Strategies for Racial Reconciliation

All of us know how it feels to be dismissed in a room full of men. However, some of us know what it feels like to be repeatedly dismissed in a room full of women who are supposed to be our sisters. This post is not meant to vilify the facilitator of that conference. I want to educate and bring awareness to an ongoing problem…

Photo of Gilbert Bilezikian
CBE International and Gilbert Bilezikian

A Statement from Mimi Haddad, President of CBE, regarding allegations against Gilbert Bilezikian, an early egalitarian thought leader.

Man holding his baby on his chest with a baby carrier.
Imitating the God Who Carries Us

Editor's Note: This is a Top 15 CBE Writing Contest winner. Enjoy! My family moved to a new place last year, so we are relatively new to our current church. 

African American couple talking at a coffee shop.
Moving Beyond the Billy Graham Rule

We in the church who continue to enforce the Billy Graham rule have fostered an atmosphere of distrust, not giving godly men and women the credit they deserve for doing the right thing.