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The back of women in African as they walk on a sunny day
Living Water

This poem reflects on the thoughts and feelings of the Samaritan woman when she encountered Jesus on a routine visit to her town’s well, as recorded in John’s gospel (4:1–42).

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3 Ways to Foster Healthy Sexuality in the Church

“Healthy” is not exactly the adjective I would match with the word “sexuality,” especially when it comes to the ways the church and Christians have portrayed and lived out what we believe about sex these past few centuries.

An illustration of a uterus created with construction paper and decorated with flowers
Jesus Sees You: Endometriosis, the Bleeding Woman, and Me

For most of my life I have been socially conditioned to hide my pain, and so I am only beginning to learn how to talk about my disease. Our culture is also slowly shifting in the way we discuss “womanly issues.”

Stained glass window depicting Hild
What We Share with Hild of Whitby

Hild is one of any number of women who remind us that women have always played a role in leading the church. That role may be constrained or downplayed, but it nevertheless cannot be hidden.

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Rereading Thecla’s Story

When we as believers, regardless of our gender, are more aware of women like Thecla who were instrumental in church history, we have a more complete understanding of our roots. In other words, church history becomes less crowded in our minds by male accomplishments. This ought to level the playing field for men and women in ministry today.

A lock locked on a fence with "S heart S" written on it
Dying for Love: Talking about Domestic Violence on International Women’s Day

On average, one woman a week in Australia is killed by a man who says he loves her. The prevalence of domestic violence is staggering. The figures are breathtaking and hard to believe. An unimaginable number of women’s lives are blighted by this scourge. In the US, Europe, and Australia, one in four women will experience physical abuse from an…

Close up of a red haired woman reading a book against a blue wall
A Book for Every Week of Women’s History Month

Women's History Month is all about focusing on the ways women have been intregral players in history, whether we know about them or not. It's also a good time to stop and take note of our reading (or listening or watching) habits in terms of gender. Who are you reading regularly? Do you need to put some diversity in your to-read list?

Founders of CBE
The Power of CBE’s Founders

God gave our founders the talent, strength, and wisdom they needed to promote mutuality in compelling ways, especially among those who believed affirming women’s leadership ignored the teachings of Scripture.

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To a Woman in the Ministry, from the Grandmothers in Her Church

You are doing
what we could not do
because we did
​what we could.

Birds eye view of people standing in a circle with their hands stacked in the middle
It’s Not Only Woman’s Work

The only way to stop oppression is to end the oppressor mindset. Women can't do that by dressing modestly or being friendlier. That duty begins and ends with the oppressor. Men.