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Volume 27
Number 2

This issue gathers theologians, humanitarians, pastors, and social justice advocates to explore connections between what we believe about women’s leadership and how that impacts the way we empower women around the world.


What we believe, our theology, is not separate, not something we can compartmentalize away from how Christians minister to the problems of our world.

By investigating gender-specific religious persecution, we’ve uncovered the complex and detrimental impact that gender stereotypes and inequalities have on the stability of Christian churches.

In this article, we will explore the story of Tamar from Genesis 38 as a transforming woman from the Old Testament. After her husband dies, Tamar appears to be a helpless woman, but she does not easily give up.

We are all called to make disciples, and we need each other in that process. If are to reach the world, we will have to work together, focusing on God’s mission and celebrating the diversity of God’s kingdom.

Lawyers investigate human behavior like scientists investigate the natural world, looking for the explanation that best fits all the available data. What happens when we apply that approach to 1 Corinthians 14:34–35?

Domestic abuse is prevalent among Christians and often perpetuated by the way churches respond to women who report, which is reinforced by common unbiblical teachings on divorce. Churches must do better.

Ramabai’s quest for a solution for girls, widows, and low-caste women led her to explore the teachings of Jesus from the book of Luke, which she found in her husband’s library.

Known as the girl effect, researchers show that when communities esteem both males and females and invest in their potential equally, these communities are more likely to enjoy flourishing.