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Volume 27
Number 4

This issue of Mutuality tries to tackle how our egalitarianism speaks to the challenges and context of midlife and beyond.


There is no magical age at which a woman’s maturity and experience cancels out the discrimination she experiences based on her gender, so we need to talk about gender equality past the experiences of our youths.

Single or married, baby-less or breastfeeding, men or women, we have a chance to be part of something that will last forever—the church.

Certainty that your loved one will treat you as an equal ought to be a given, but we all know that not every church teaches the importance or even legitimacy of egalitarian marriage. How could I be assured that this was as important to the man proposing as it was to me? 

God gave me a rose, A delicate thing and beautiful, Trembling in the breath of God, Tearful in the showered rain.

As a woman who has come more fully into her leadership gifts as she’s aged, her story offers both inspiration to other leaders and a challenge to the church to fully incorporate the gifts of women at all ages.

Friends are equals, and to lay down my life for my wife I also need to see her as my friend, as my equal, including in our circumstances today.

Cheryl Bridges Johns shines a new light on the dramatic transformation that takes place during perimenopause and menopause. She invites us to see menopause as more than a time of biological change by examining the psychological and spiritual aspects.

Marriage in the Middle is a collection of life vignettes and personal experiences that will resonate with every married couple. Greco encourages couples to face midlife with imagination and hope and offers transparency, intimacy, and insight for the journey.  

We have many reasons to work beside women sharpened by the Holy Spirit through years of faithful service. Yet sexism and ageism—demons that travel together—continue to rob the church of God’s richest resources.