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Contact Staff, Intern, and Consultants

Mikaela Bell
Editing Consultant

Anna Bernin-Mallin
Development and Operations Associate

Elizabeth Beyer
Learning Resources and International Projects Manager

Amber Burgess
Marketing Manager and Associate Executive Director

Brianna Cortez
Educational Engagement Associate and Editor of Mutuality Blog

Brandon Cupryna
Events Associate
Chapter Liaison

Havilah Dharamraj
Editor of Priscilla Papers

Kim Dickson
Multi-Media Educational Coordinator

Michaela Farrell
Multi-Media and Special Projects Intern

Mary Gonsior
Operations Manager

Mimi Haddad

Julene Holt
Development Manager

Kristin Lassen
Writing and Editing Intern

Margaret Lawrence
Graphic Designer
Marketing Technology Coordinator

Jeffrey D. Miller
Assistant to the editor of Priscilla Papers

Nathan St. Clair
Technology Administrator

Carrie Silveira
Conference Consultant and Editor of Mutuality Magazine