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If you’re a CBE supporter and have appreciated stocks or mutual funds you have an opportunity to make a bigger impact for the full equality of men and women around the world. 

By donating appreciated stocks and mutual funds before selling you can:

  • Save on capital gains taxes
  • Improve cash flow
  • Rebalance your portfolio
  • Provide greater support for CBE

If your stocks have lost value, you will receive a greater tax deducation if you sell the stock and donate the proceeds.

To donate a gift of stock:

1. Donate your stock

Please provide your broker with the following information:

Name of Account: Christians for Biblical Equality
Broker: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab Brokerage)
DTC Number: 0164
Account Number: 2316-1409

CBE Tax ID #: 41-1599315

2. Contact CBE

To ensure proper receipt and acknowledgement of your gift, please contact CBE once your contribution has been made and provide your contact information, the contact information of your broker, and a brief description of your gift.

You can contact CBE at 612-872-6898 or by using our contact form.

IRA Rollover Contributions

In 2006, a measure was passed that allows individuals who are 70½ years old or older to contribute up to $100,000, tax free, from an IRA to a charitable organization of their choice without reporting the withdrawal as taxable income. Additionally, such charitable contributions may be used to fulfill all or part of one’s required minimum distribution for 2015.

In order to continue offering this tax break, Congress needs to renew it each year. Congress has renewed this legislation every year since 2006. However, it has not yet been renewed for tax-year 2015.

If you are considering a charitable gift from your IRA for CBE during tax-year 2015, we encourage you to consult your accountant or financial advisor to ensure that your contribution is complete before January 1, 2016.